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1911 Jig

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1911 Jig

The 1911 jig has certainly come a long way in the manufacturing world. These days, the jigs for a 1911 a built in a way so that you do not need big, bulky expensive equipment to finish your 1911 80% frame. That’s not to suggest that all 1911 jigs are built like that but, for the most part, the industry is moving that way. A 1911 jig is a vital component for anyone who is looking to complete their own 1911 80% frame. Buying the right one the first time is the difference between a wonderful experience and one you just want to forget about!

Essentially, a 1911 jig provides the builder with the tolerances, specs and holes that need to be drilled in their 1911 frame to be completed. The jig is a series of plates that surround the 1911 80% frame and attach to the actual frame for reference points. One the 1911 jig is assembled around the frame, it becomes a step-by-step process of drilling holes through the frame via the cutouts provided on the jig’s plate. For a 1911 frame, it is mostly drilling and should be completed using a drill press if you had the choice. It can be done with a hand-drill but it is not recommended.

There are a few price points when it comes to shopping for a 1911 jig. The tried-and-true adage of “you get what you pay for” rings true in this scenario as well. When it comes to buying a 1911 jig, or any jig for that matter, the value comes from how many times you can use it without having to replace any of the jigs components. If you do decide to go for a more affordable jig option, expect more maintenance with that jig than a more expensive jig. Either route you go, building a 1911 is an experience you will never forget.


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