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Why a Polymer 80 Glock Should Be Your Next Build

Polymer 80 Glock

If you’re on the fence about which handgun you should invest in next – or maybe you’re the at-home gunsmith debating his or her next build – then consider the Polymer 80 Glock. Supported by the 80% Glock frame, the Polymer 80 Glock has made a storm in the 80% frame market because of its close adherence to Glock’s own legend of reliability and capability.

Here are all the reasons why a Polymer 80 Glock should be your next build!

building a polymer 80 glock
Building a Polymer 80 Glock is surprisingly easy!

Building a Polymer 80 Glock is incredibly affordable

Many of us dove into the 80% frame and lower market because we love guns, yet we hate the rising prices at the checkout counter. One of the greatest benefits of building a Polymer 80 Glock is you get to enjoy one of the world’s best handguns, while saving a ton of cash.

The 80% Glock Frame and Jig kit comes in at just $160! Most other 80% frames and lowers start at around $60 to $100, and most jigs cost $150, up to $300. You’re getting everything you need to build your next piece for a fraction of the price?

In fact, building a Glock costs less than buying one

It’s true! Let’s compare the hugely popular Pf940C Polymer 80 Frame and Jig kit (with all other necessary parts) to an off-the-shelf Glock 19. The most basic Glock 19s start at $550 to $600 and easily climb to $1,000 or more depending on features and specs.

But when you build a Polymer 80 Glock, you can spend as little as $500! That total cost includes a Gen 3 slide, barrel, lower parts kit, and sights! The best part? If you want to build a top-tier Glock from only the best parts, you’ll still spend less!

Building a Polymer 80 Glock takes less than a day

Machining an 80% Glock Frame and assembling everything into a bona fide Glock handgun takes less than hours. Machining your 80% Glock frame can take as little as 15 minutes! Even if you have no experience, this is a project you can master at home in a single day.

Each Polymer 80 Glock and Frame kit includes detailed instructions and all the tooling you need, minus a basic hand drill. You’ll also need a handheld router, or you can even use simple hand files! Completing the 80% Glock frame requires drilling a few holes, making some cuts for the barrel and slide, and installing a Locking Block System with some screws. That’s it!

Building a Polymer 80 Glock is 100% legal

You can legally build a Polymer 80 Glock at home, no paperwork required. You don’t even need to submit a background check or deal with an FFL. The 80% Glock frame is not considered a firearm, so it can be shipped straight to your front door. You can also order all the other components you need, again with no bureaucracy required.

There are a few states that do require some paperwork first, so check your local and state laws before you build. With that said, building a Glock at home has never been easier – or more affordable. Check out our Polymer 80 Glock Frame and Jig kits, available in Glock 17, 19, 23, 26, 27, and 34! We even had Flat Dark Earth frame kits available, so get to building!


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