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Top 5 Reasons to Build Your Own AR-15

From the AR-15 hobbyist who has found great satisfaction in building multiple AR-15’s to the newbie who is researching how to build his very first rifle, each person has a specific reason for wanting to build on the AR’s versatile platform rather than buy an off-the-shelf firearm.

While there are several manufacturers offering premium AR’s in just about any configuration imaginable, few things inspire the AR-15 enthusiast like a do-it-yourself project. The AR’s modular design allows for unique customization along with providing an innate sense of satisfaction when the AR build is complete.

5 Reasons to Build Your Own AR-15

There are many reasons why AR-15 aficionados choose to build their own AR-15 rather than buy a ready-built firearm. Here are five reasons why you may want to try your hand at building your own AR-15 as well.

  1. Complete Customization

Most AR builders have a designated purpose for the firearm they are building. Whether it is target shooting, competition, predator hunting or personal defense — the AR platform allows for complete customization that will meet the demand with superior results.

The AR’s modularity provides a means of choosing your upper, lower, barrel length, barrel rate-of-twist, bolt carrier group, lower parts kit, trigger, buttstock, handguard, optics, and additional accessories. No matter what your goal or purpose may be, building your own AR allows you to add most any accessory or option to your AR-15.

  1. No Serialization

With the 80% lower receiver option, an AR can be built without serialization, FFL transfer, or filling out an ATF Form 4473. As long as you are using the AR lower receiver for your personal use, it is 100% legal to complete your own lower receiver and most anyone with DIY skills can complete an 80% lower using simple tools.

Building an AR-15 on an 80% lower receiver is becoming a very popular option. Its simplicity allows for a greater sense of accomplishment and legality provides a means to avoid anyone knowing what lower receivers you might possess.

  1. Affordability

Depending on what type of AR-15 you are building, affordability is just one more reason to avoid an off-the-shelf model. While it may not be cheaper to build your own AR in every instance, if you desire a baseline model for self-defense or weekend target shooting, it is possible to save some coin by building your own AR-15 rather than buying one that is already assembled.

Taking the time to watch for sales on an upper, lower, barrel and so forth, can save you a bundle. Plus, you have the option of hand picking each component that goes into your build. Considering you can choose each component individually and get exactly what you want in the first place, you won’t need to upgrade factory parts—which will also save you money in the long run.

In the big picture, building your own AR does allow the best of both worlds — economy and customization.

  1. Knowledge

Building your own AR will also give you an education in how your AR-15 operates — inside and out. Having your hand touch every single pin, spring, and detent will offer you knowledge that can only be learned by hands-on experience.

Once you build your very own AR-15 from the ground up, there will be few things you don’t know about the function of the AR platform. This knowledge will provide you with the ability to fix most any issue your AR might have, along with build any style of rifle you desire in the future.

  1. Pride

Words cannot describe the sense of pride that will accompany your very own AR build. To know that no one else had a hand in assembling your AR provides a sense of accomplishment few understand. When every single piece (barrel to bolt) were installed by you — you have the right to be proud.


When building your own AR-15, the options are endless. Whether you want a carbine that resembles a Vietnam era M16 or a long-range rifle built to shoot prairie dogs — you can build whatever you want, exactly like you want it. And with a customized build you are granted the fulfillment that comes with a job well done.

Building your own AR-15 has never been easier. Start your build with an AR Lower & Jig Kit today.




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