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The Ultimate Handguard: The Dolos QD Barrel System

Choosing a handguard can be difficult with so many options out there. Guess what? It just got super easy. With the Dolos QD Barrel System, you’ll have perhaps the most efficient and effective means to build a takedown black rifle, using any standard AR 15 kit – no gunsmithing or custom parts required. The Dolos Quick Detach Barrel System by itself isn’t just a handguard, it’s a complete and total barrel takedown system. It’s quite possibly the most unique and innovative piece of gear you can add to your 80 lower build today. 

Dolos Quick Detach Barrel System w/ 11.5" Keymod Handguard Retainer

How Does the Dolos Quick Barrel System Work? 

What’s really crazy is just how simple this system is. It utilizes your existing AR lower and upper receivers, and your standard barrel and gas system. Seriously after seeing the system in action and how easy it is to install I was downright shocked it had never been thought of before. You attach a few pieces to your upper receiver and a few more to the barrel of your rifle. The hardest part is reinstalling the gas system. Not because of the Dolos system, but because gas systems are always a pain. That said, trust us, it’s worth it.

Dolos Quick Detach Barrel System w/ 11.5" Keymod Handguard Thread

The system uses a ratcheting mechanism that allows the shooter to simply screw and unscrew the barrel and handguard as one piece. This cuts the size of your rifle in half, and it makes it easy to store, carry and travel with your black rifle. After the system is installed all you do is pull the release downward and remove the entire barrel-handguard combo as one. It’s that easy. It’s completely safe, effective, and efficient for building a complete AR 15 takedown rifle. Show up to the range with your AR tucked neatly in a small Pelican briefcase, pop the tabs, thread your AR together and you’ll look like the badass. Everyone will want to know how you did that.

Caliber Conversions

The advantages of a takedown rifle are numerous: It’s smaller, more compact, and that makes it easier to store. That’s nice, but don’t limit your thinking. When we saw the system the first thing that clicked in our heads was how easy it would be to do caliber conversions. The Dolos Quick Detach Barrel System makes it possible to easily convert your rifle from 5.56 to 300 Blackout. 

One of the major advantages of the 300 Blackout (beyond packing a wallop and suppression-friendly ballistics)  is the parts’ commonality with standard 5.56 rifles and pistols. Both calibers share almost every part, except the barrel and gas system. With the Dolos Quick Detach Barrel System you can instantly swap those. No tools, no bench, no gunsmith. You’ll instantly have the ability to convert your rifle from 5.56 to 300 Blackout and then back again. You’ll be able to use this system with the same stock, same upper and lower receiver, same trigger, you get the picture. A few-seconds swap and you’re ready to roll.

Dolos Quick Detach Barrel System w/ 11.5" Keymod Handguard

The Dolos Quick Detach Barrel System comes with an 11.5-inch keymod rail that’s exclusive to the system we sell. A keymod rail is a lightweight option to add grips, lights, lasers, and sights to your weapon. The Dolos QD Barrel doubles as the ultimate handguard for your AR 15 build, and with it, you’ll have an effective and uniquely useful rifle. 



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