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The Perfect Party Recipe: A 5-Pack of Lowers and an 80 Lower Jig Kit

Building rifles is a fun and addictive hobby to have. There is a joy in the challenge and technical aspects of truly machining your own AR, as well as being able to see, hold, and of course shoot the rifle you built with your own hands. One of the cooler aspects of building rifles is the ability to share the hobby with friends and family. A great way to save some cash and share your hobby is a build party! The perfect recipe for a build party is our 5 pack of forged lower receivers with the 5D Tactical Jig, an easy-to-use, at-home 80 lower jig kit. 

AR-15 5D Tactical (80% Lower Jig) with Tooling

What’s a Build Party? 

A build party is when a group of like-minded, 2nd Amendment-loving individuals get together and decide to build some AR 15s! There are a few benefits to doing a build party over going alone. You can share tools, experience, and the all-important 80 lower jig kit. You can also save a lot of money by pooling together to buy bulk lowers, the jig, and the tools. The 5D Jig is the perfect way to build parties fun and hassle-free. 

As a side note, you cannot pay a machine shop to finish your 80 lower receiver. Build parties need to be a group of private individuals using private tools to finish their firearms. The ATF frowns on “unlicensed commercial manufacturers” and certain other restrictions so it all needs to be personally-owned equipment. 

Why is the 5D Tactical Jig Perfect for Build Parties?

The 5D Tactical jig is great for build parties for a variety of reasons. Why? Let’s explore: 

1. It reduces the mill time from 4 hours to just 45 minutes per AR 15 lower receiver. 

2. It intuitive and easy to use.

3. It utilizes a router, which is safe and easy to use.

4. It can finish over 20 lower receivers!

5. It’s precise and attaches directly to the 80% lower receiver. 

6. It tough as hell, and made entirely from stainless steel.

The 5D Tactical Jig is one of the most modern and intuitive 80 lower jigs on the market. It out all the guesswork of machining and it’s very user-friendly. The 5D Tactical Jig is perfect for both beginners and experts when it comes to building your own AR 15. 

Why Buy in Bulk? 

Buying 80 lowers in bulk is a good way to save money when it comes to a build party. It also ensures every user has the same kind of lower receiver. This is important, and incredibly handy when pairing bulk lowers with a jig. The reason being is that different materials need different tools to finish. The tools needed to finish a polymer lower likely won’t work on a forged aluminum receiver. This ensures everyone gets the same base lower to start with, and ensures uniformity for tools and parts. 

80% Lowers (5-pack)

A solid set of lower receivers and a good 80 lower jig are what you need to make a high-quality AR 15. A set of bulk lowers allows you to make any AR 15 you can imagine. All you do is start with the lower and build from there! 



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