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The Most Essential Tools You Need to Keep your AR-15 in Great Shape

Your AR-15 was designed to take abuse and keep on shooting, yes, but there are some basic essentials you should invest in, if you want to keep that rifle looking proper and respectable. After all, “weathered” is better than “hot mess”, so let’s take a look at some awesome gunsmithing tools you should keep in the garage.

  1.    AR15 Rifle Shooter’s Case

This badass little box is the next step in assembly and maintenance on your black rifle or pistol. Essentially a gunsmith’s shop on the go, the AR15 Rifle Shooter’s Case acts as a workbench, storage box, and specialty parts compartment, all in one.

This rugged box allows you to safely mount and secure your rifle on a level plane while you work on it with a staggered yoked system, leaving the receiver, rail, optics, buttstock, and barrel free and clear to work on. Inside, you’ll find two lift-out trays – perfect for your Armorer’s Wrench, punch set, and all the parts you’re stripping out or throwing in. An extra bulk storage tray is perfect for those big ole’ bottles of oil and Aluminum Black. A convenient carrying handle lets you keep the Shooter’s Case handy at the range or in the truck on the trails.

  1.    Birchwood Case Aluminum Black

It will happen. You will try to install a roll pin and you’ll slip up. Or, your rifle or pistol will suffer a ding from a wayward piece of brass. Hell, maybe you just dropped it on the floor when you took out those receiver retaining pins. Whatever the case, you’ll probably end up scratching your AR at some point.

Fix it quick with some Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black! This fast-acting aluminum alloy chemical restores the finish on your AR-15 and it’ll immediately re-color any exposed metals to match the finish, hiding those blemishes and keeping everything looking new.

  1.       AR-15 Punch Set

If you’re a customer of ours, you’ve dealt with roll pins. You know how difficult they can be, whether you’re taking them out or putting them in. More often than not, you’ve probably found yourself trying to attack them with a little screwdriver – or generally something not intended to get the job done.

Stop scratching up your black rifle and losing roll pins! Instead, invest in a proper AR-15 Punch Set. Our Chromoly-Vanadium steel punch sets provide precision and stability when it comes to assembly that lower receiver, and you’ll get the right size punch for every pin: 5/16”, ¼”, 7/32”, 3/16”, 5/32”, 1/8”, 3/32”, 5/64”, 1/16”.

  1.       Brass Gunsmithing Hammer

It may be simple, sure, but our Brass Gunsmithing Hammer is the critical other half to tackling all those little roll pins with your new punch set (because you totally bought one because you want to do it right, right?). With a 5/8” head, this hammer is specifically made to gently and precisely tap those punches with ease. The brass fittings are soft and will dramatically reduce any risk of scratching up your AR or damaging your punches.



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