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Building the Perfect Tactical Stocking: 12 Stocking Stuffers for the Gunsmithing Enthusiast

Christmas is coming, and if you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering what to buy your AR-lovin’ significant other, right? We’ll make it easy – take a look below at our top 12 stocking stuffers for the gunsmithing enthusiast!        Armorer’s Wrench If your gunsmith has been cursing and throwing tools in the garage while […]

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New Jersey Senate Bill No. 2465 (1R) – Purchasing components to manufacture untraceable firearms

Sadly, it is not just the west coast that we have to worry about. The latest state that is acting against those who build their own guns and those that sell gun parts, is New Jersey. New Jersey’s Attorney General recently demanded that companies stop marketing and selling untraceable weapons, or “ghost guns” to New Jersey. Therefore, we are not allowing advertising or sales of any of our items to the state of New Jersey. […]

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How to Properly Zero an AR 15

This writer has been in the armed forces for quite some time. During his tenure as an NCOIC, he ran more than a few zero and qualification ranges. He continues to witness trained soldiers and civilian “cool guys” alike cock up their AR 15 zero. So let’s clear the air, here. Today we’re going to […]

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What M-Lok Is, and Why It Rocks

M-Lok standards for Modular Locking System, and it was originally developed by Magpul as a way to supersede the aging, simple, and relatively heavy profile of the MIL-STD-1913 rail – more commonly known to you and us as the Picatinny rail system. In direct competition to the KeyMod handguard, M-Lok offers generally more real estate […]

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AR-15 Parts: Flash Suppressor

AR-15 Parts: Flash SuppressorThis small piece of the AR-15 is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of the firearm. It gets called a host of different names and is presumed to do a list of diverse chores. Ultimately, the flash suppressor was designed to divert muzzle flash out of the shooters line of sight.Muzzle […] […]

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AR Parts: Bolt Carrier Group

Bolt Carrier GroupBuilding your own AR 15 provides countless options. This includes the choosing to either purchase a pre-assembled bolt carrier group or assemble your own. Assembling the carrier group on your own allows you to choose the options that benefit you the most.The bolt carrier group is one of the most important parts of […] […]

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