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Should I Buy an 80% Lower: Why Are We Still Asking This Question?

A lot has been going on in the firearms industry in the past couple of years to contribute to the recent 80% lower rush. 80% lower receivers have been around for quite some time, but have never enjoyed the attention they are experiencing now. If you haven’t had your head in the ground, you have heard of it, looked into it, or even saved up for it. But something held you back from pulling the trigger on your DIY AR-15 build. Well, friends, allow us to give you 10 reasons (in honor of the Bill of Rights) to start milling your own 80% lower now.

10 Reasons to Build with an 80% Lower

Reason 1) Let us start by saying that for us, it isn’t a choice. It is an American duty and a responsibility to the 2nd Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms is to protect the American people from overreaching and tyrannical government. Which bring us abruptly to…

Reason 2) Your 80% firearm has no serial number and, therefore, is not registered. When a tyrannical government needs to pacify a population, they need to disarm them. So they look up registered firearms owners and start knocking on doors. No papers = no knock.

Now, for those who are not in the know, I get a lot of crazy looks at this point. Along with, “how do you expect me to believe that what you are saying is even remotely legal?”

Reason 3) Because you are manufacturing a firearm for personal use, no FFL is required!

Don’t believe us? Ok, challenge accepted. Go to then navigate to the firearms tab. Click on ‘Questions and Answers’, then ‘Manufacturing and Licensing’, then “What is ATF doing in regard to people making firearms”. Or just click on this link here to get there more quickly.

And we quote, “There are no federal restrictions on an individual making a firearm for personal use, as long as it does not violate the GCA or National Firearms Act (NFA)”.

Reason 4) It’s cool as hell. How often do go to the range and your buddy asks, “What are you shooting?” Instead of saying, “Reuger, Colt, Daniel Defense, etc., wouldn’t it be awesome to say, “I’m shooting a (insert your last name here).”

Reason 5) The education alone is worth 10 times the cost of the build. Once you have finished your build, not only will you have a much deeper understanding of how your firearm works but…

Reason 6) You will now possess the ability to service broken parts and catastrophic failures because you now know how to perform a complete breakdown of all the parts that make your stick go boom.

Reason 7) Now that you are moonlighting as an armorer, your cost of owning and maintaining a firearm decreases because you aren’t paying someone else to swap parts.

Reason 8) You have a completely custom build. From start to finish you can use all the parts you want and none that you don’t. This goes hand in hand with…

Reason 9) It is a ton cheaper than buying a prebuilt gun, just to take off all the standard parts and rebuild it the way you want it.

Reason 10) It is so easy (read “fun”) there is no excuse not to. The biggest reason that 80% lowers have become such a popular option these days is that it literally requires no previous machining experience whatsoever and only a few common tools.

So now that you have no excuses, start a custom build with an 80% Lower Jig Set. It comes with everything you need to finish out your 80% lower receiver.

While you are at it, pick up a CMMG Lower Parts Kit and a pack of beer (for the coronation) and have yourself some good American fun.

Your build awaits.



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