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Review of The ARMagLock and How It Works!

We’ve hit the nail on the head many times, but here we go: CA passed a bunch of stupid laws concerning how assault weapons are defined, so the bullet button is no longer a qualifying way to keep your AR 15 CA-compliant. Now, your AR 15’s magazine is only considered “fixed” if it can only be removed by breaking open the upper and lower receivers to remove it. Poo-poo. But that’s okay because the new ARMagLock makes this a cinch! Let’s review the ARMagLock and how it works:

How The ARMagLock is Made

The ARMagLock is a simple but sturdy little piece of equipment. The actual magazine lock itself is a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and it includes two new takedown pins. The rear takedown pin comes with a finger loop for easy manipulation. The ARMagLock takes the place of the standard magazine release and it doesn’t interfere with any other parts in the lower receiver.

Classic Lower Parts Kit (CA-Compliant) | AR-15

If you’re building a new AR 15 in CA, pick up the Classic Lower Parts Kit. It includes the ARMagLock and ensures your lower and rifle are 100% legal.

You can still use any standard drop-in trigger with the ARMagLock, too. We recommend looking at the new RA-140 Super Sport, just in case you wanted to upgrade your trigger while you’re in there installing the MagLock. Installing is a cinch, by the way, and we even provide video instructions here.

How the ARMagLock Works:

The bullet button did let you keep the upper and lower receivers intact – all you had to do was push a small, recessed button inside the magazine release (accomplished only with a tool and not your finger, a critical requirement of the old law). But now, with the ARMagLock, the magazine release only works once you break open the receivers. This is how CA now defines what a “fixed” magazine is.

  1. Pull the included rear takedown pin (makes break-open almost instant)

Quick Release AR-15 Takedown PinA key component of how the ARMagLock works lies in perhaps its simplest component: The quick-release rear takedown pin. It’s a nifty device for easy disassembly whether you buy the MagLock or go featureless. Instead of jamming a screwdriver, multi-tool, or the tip of a 5.56 round into your receiver, you just loop your finger and pull. It’s kind of like a grenade pin (sorry if that triggers any CA legislators).

  1. Once the pin is pulled and the receivers separate, the magazine release can be pressed

Simple as that! Technically, this reverts your bullet-button-affixed AR 15 back to a more regular function when considering the magazine release itself. No more fiddling with tools or finding a pointy thing to press that tiny, annoying bullet button. The ARMagLock’s over-sized magazine release makes pressing simple and intuitive, and you can even use a BAD lever to make it ambidextrous.

  1. Pressing the magazine release drops the magazine in regular fashion

ARMagLock LeverPretty self-explanatory, just drop your empty magazine! Once your magazine is dropped, close your AR 15’s receivers back together and push the takedown pin back in. This should only take you a second or two once you’ve mastered it.

  1. With the weapon closed, insert a new magazine

Again, super-simple! Your new magazine will be loaded and locked in (“fixed”) just as it would on any regular ole’ rifle – the only difference is you must break the receiver back open if you want to remove it.

Premium 80% Lower Fire/Safe Marked Billet (1-pack)

The ARMagLock is compatible with all standard AR lowers, including our billet 80% lower with threaded rear takedown pin hole(and it comes in an AR-10 version). 

Clearing a Malfunction with the ARMaglock

Clearing a malfunction with any fixed-magazine weapon can be a pain, but the process is simple for any AR 15 equipped with the ARMagLock. There are generally three ways to clear a double-feed, widely considered the most difficult and dangerous malfunction:

  1. Pull both takedown pins and remove the upper from the lower
  2. Remove the magazine base plate to empty the magazine
  3. Lock the bolt and use an Allen key to remove the ARMagLock


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