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Pros & Cons of Buying an AR15 Build Kit Vs. Lowers

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The AR 15 world is big enough that you can basically find anything you desire to build. You can build a rifle part by part, and piece by piece, taking as much time as you want. Alternatively, you could purchase a complete kit. A good AR15 build kit will include everything you need to build either an AR 15 rifle or pistol. This should include an upper receiver, a lower parts kit, furniture, bolt carrier group, and we include an 80 lower with our build kit.

You can also start with a lower receiver and pick and choose parts as you go. You start with an 80 lower receiver and source the parts you need to finish your lower receiver, and then an upper receiver.

There are pros and cons to taking either route. We help guide you through them below.

AR15 Build Kits

A good kit is the most convenient way to build an AR 15. You simply get every single part you need to finish your build. There is a good variety of choices you have when it comes to AR15 build kits. We offer both standard and premium kits, as well as kits with jigs and tooling.

AR15 Build Kit

Purchasing an AR15 kit is a massive time saver as well. You don’t have to go from site to site to find AR 15 parts. There is also a money saving measure in purchasing one. The biggest being shipping. Shipping is paid once and not incurred again. Currently, all of our AR15 build kits ship free.

Another advantage is knowing all of your parts will work together. An AR is simple to build, but certain parts may not work with other parts. In terms of reliability, you’ll often have to match gas systems, gas blocks with barrel length.

80 Lower Receiver Approach

You may decide you want to just start with a lower and add on as you go. There are a few good reasons for this. First, you may want a specific type of lower receiver. Maybe you want a raw aluminum lower? Or maybe you want a billeted lower. These specialized receivers are typically not included in build kits. We offer billeted, raw, and forged lowers here:

80 Lower Receiver with Jig

Another advantage is buying in bulk. If you are buying for a build party, you can buy 80 lower receivers in bulk packs. This saves on shipping, any logistical confusion for other builders, and often gets you price breaks per unit. It takes a little more work to find the parts to build the rifle, but it's far from difficult. In fact, we offer uppers and lower parts kits separately, in multiple calibers too.

If your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it, go with the kit. It saves time, every time. Browse our AR15 Build Kits here:

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