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Adding an Optic to your AR 15

Our veteran writer spent five years in the United States Marine Corps. During that entire experience, he was issued a rifle. Even though he was a machine gunner, he, like all Marines, was expected to be a competent rifleman. In that 5 years, he spent precisely 3 months without an optic on his rifle (instead […] […]

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Fixed or Folding Sights? The Battle Rages

The AR 15 world is flooded with optics, sights, and irons. This is the best time to be a new black rifle builder, but all those options can be intimidating. An important decision to make is what sight system will you use on your rifle. We’re talking about iron sights, because every good battle rifle […] […]

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How to Stabilize Your AR 15 Pistol

How to stabilize your AR 15 pistolAR 15 pistols are pretty cool weapons. They are ultra-compact, they’re just as modular as rifles, they’re as close to an SBR as you can get without a paying for that $200 tax stamp. AR 15 pistol kits make for easy-to-maneuver, excellent home defense weapons and truck guns. The main […] […]

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Life-Saving Defensive AR drills

The AR 15 is easily one of the best weapons for home and property defense. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and affords low recoil. Combine it with an effective round and a high-capacity magazine and it’s hard to beat.Defensive AR Drill 1: Failure to Stop DrillThe Failure to Stop Drill (occasionally referred to as the […] […]

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Next-Level Maintenance for the AR 15

If you’ve taken an AR 15 build kit and turned it into a rifle, then you’re likely pretty familiar with its insides by now. This is one of the reasons we encourage you to build an AR 15 rather than simply buying one: You’ll truly learn the weapon’s assembly, and you’ll need to know this […] […]

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Flying With Your AR 15

Have you ever looked at a firearm training class and thought it’s just too far to drive? Maybe you see an opportunity to train with some of the best like Pat McNamara, Travis Haley, or Chris Costa. Maybe you see a hunting trip you’d love to take, but again, it’s just too far to drive. […] […]

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