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How a Modern Government Disarms the People

American politicians continue to push gun control in new forms. Unlike the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, these new types of restrictions don’t attack the Second Amendment by simply banning guns. They do so in more subtle, more effective ways. Some states now require background checks just to purchase ammunition. Other states have banned certain […]

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Politicians Jumping Constitution to Push Gun Control

As Democrats try harder to break out from an over-stuffed field of Presidential candidates, more damning and unconstitutional gun control promises keep being made. Senator Kamala Harris renewed and expanded upon her pledge to use executive action to institute more gun control should she win the White House. Sen. Harris (D-CA) tweeted July 13: “Gun […]

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The Full AR-15 Pistol Brace Guide (2019)

AR-15 pistols were at first seen as gimmicks, range toys meant for fun and little else. Then the pistol brace came along thanks to one Marine/U.S Army veteran, and everything changed. Now, most AR pistols offer the capability and cool points that you’d normally find in a short-barreled rifle (or SBR). You probably heard the […]

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