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Democrats Call for Nat’l Pistol License, Assault Weapons Ban (Again)

Presidential hopeful Rep. Eric Swalwell introduced his plan for more federal gun control. Repeating cookie-cutter promises of elections’ past, Swalwell hopes to ratify yet another federal assault weapons ban, even though a resounding majority of Americans don’t want one. Calls by Presidential candidates for assault weapons bans come and go every election cycle – never […]

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Did Washington Just Ban 80% Lowers?

Did Washington Just Ban 80 Lowers - blog title image

Did Washington just ban 80% lowers and polymer 80% gun kits? On April 23, 2019, Washington legislators passed a bill that prohibits the manufacture and possession of “untraceable firearms” and “undetectable” 3D-printed guns. Washington is also trying to stop 3D-printed firearm schematics from being downloaded, bought, or sold in Washington state. Bill HB 1739 was […]

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The Ultimate AR9 Pistol Guide [2019]

The Ultimate AR9 Pistol Guide for 2019 - blog title image

This is your ultimate AR9 pistol guide for 2019! We’re breaking down everything you need to know to build one yourself. We’re not just throwing a ton of products at you like some other guides. We’ll actually explain what the AR9 pistol is first, and what separates it from an AR-15. Next, we’ll go over […]

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