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Polymer 80 Guide: The Polymer 80 Glock

Polymer 80 Guide - The Polymer 80 Glock

So, you’ve heard the buzz: Yes, you can build, from scratch, a tried-and-true, bona fide Glock handgun (in any series!) at home by using a polymer 80% frame. Aptly named the Polymer 80 Glock, this new entrant to the market of the world’s most popular handgun is making waves. What is it, exactly? Is the […]

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New Polymer 80 Products Now Available

Ready to dive into the world of ultralight, at-home gunsmithing? We’re super excited to introduce the latest and greatest: New polymer 80 products, now available below at! Gunning for an AR pistol that weighs less than five pounds? We’ve got you covered. Ready to invest in the world’s most popular service-issued handgun? We’ve got […]

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How to Build Your Own 1911 at Home

The 1911 needs no introduction and you’re reading this, then you’ve already made the commitment to proudly build one of the greatest handguns ever made. The process is simple but it requires focus and precision. Rest assured, building your 1911 at home is also 100% legal as long as you can otherwise legally own a […]

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Building a Glock with a Polymer 80 Pistol vs Buying

The Glock is arguably one of the most popular handguns ever made. Millions of Glocks currently in circulation around the world, this handgun is favored by police, military, rescue, and private citizens alike. It’s one of the most wildly durable, reliable, and ergonomic handguns ever made – if you’ve been on the fence, it’s time […]

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