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NSSF SHOT Show 2017 – Day 3 Highlights

Day 3 of the NSSF Shot Show 2017 was our last day to explore the incredible masterpieces that were brought out by the over 20,000 exhibitors. Day 3 was also the day when the overwhelming nature and excitement of the event was put at bay, and we were able to start narrowing down our favorite rifles at the show.

1. Hogue Inc., who are better known for gear and handguns, brought out two spectacular Barrett 82A1 .50 Cal rifles as their Shot Show GIVEAWAYS! We felt privileged to have been able to see this rifle in all it’s glory. Now if only we could see it in action at Range Day! Maybe next year!

2. Okay, so we admit that we are straying from rifles when we throw out this pick for Day 3 top winners. However, this double-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun had to be shared. The extreme details combined with is pump-action, 16-round capacity made it a contestant for a top pick. Made and sold by Standard Manufacturing, it’s available for about $1,800.

3. The folks over at F-1 Firearms are focused on making nothing but perfection. From an AR-15 design variety-perspective, they were the hands-down our favorite booth of the day. Their incredible machining, craftsmanship, attention-to-detail and designs made it even more challenging to choose just one of their AR-15s for our top pick. However, after a lot of inspecting and conversations with their team members, we narrowed it down to just one. And she’s a beaut.

Shot Show really was an enjoyable conference to attend, and we are glad that we were able to share some of it with you. Even if many of our personal AR-15 picks were more advanced than you are ready for, just remember that all of these builders got started at the beginning building their very own AR-15 and honed their craft from there. Get started with an AR-15 Build Kit and build something amazing.



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