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NSSF SHOT Show 2017 – Day 2 Highlights

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Day 2 of the NSSF Shot Show 2017 did not disappoint. The 80% Lower Team was finally able to get up to the third floor and see what the “big boys” were offering for 2017, and there is a whole lot to look forward to. While there were some downright beautiful handguns to browse, we stayed true to our roots and hit up the suppliers who are AR-related.

Considering there are over 20,000 vendors at this year’s Shot Show, we were very critical of our top 3 rifle builds we saw throughout the day. As promised, we took photos and jotted down notes to bring to you!

1. The 50 BMG Autoloading rifle from Thor Global Defense Group was bad SOB. The price tag matched it’s level of badass coming in just shy of $13,000!

2. The folks over at Unique ARs were busy herding the crowds surrounding their custom AR-15 builds. They certainly had the cream-of-the-crop when it came to one-of-a-kind rifles. This American Flag themed rail was a show-stopper. We circled back a few times throughout the day to get a closer look at their ARs!

3. The MK 36 booth was probably the smallest booth that we ran across today but what they liked in size, they made up with their uniqueness. This rifle was not necessarily a crowd favorite, but we sure enjoyed the hell of out it and were glad we stopped by their booth!

Day 2 of Shot Show 2017 has officially came to a conclusion, and we can’t wait to bring your more updates tomorrow! We will update you with our Day 3 adventures tomorrow evening! Stay tuned!

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