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Now Available: FORGED AR-9 80 Percent Lowers – The First & Only of its Kind

We here at 80-Lower got tired of seeing the unbearably (and unjustifiably) high prices on AR-9s. Sure, it’s a relatively new take on the AR-15 platform, but it doesn’t deserve a luxury price tag. A couple manufacturers broke into the market and demanded you empty your wallet. We’re fixing that, just in time for the holiday.

The First Forged AR-9 80% Lower. It’s the first of its kind (and it costs a helluva lot less than current options on the market): FORGED AR-9 80% lowers, right here at 80-Lower! This is not just a rough first draft, put to market with meager features. This is a premium-built 80% lower that also incorporates features you’ll love having – features that even other top tier makers don’t include on their lowers:

  • Threaded bolt catch hole
  • Threaded rear takedown detent hole
  • Included bolt catch and detent screws
  • Included hex key for installation
  • Broached mag well

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Threads for Less Stress. Threaded bolt catch and detent holes mean no more fighting with those tiny roll pins and punches during assembly – and no more cursing and throwing lower parts kit pieces across the room if you lose one of those annoying little pins.

Made for Machining. The entire AR-9 80% lower is constructed from quality 7075 T6 forged aluminum, providing a durable but easy-to-machine alloy. Whether it’s your first or tenth build, this AR-9 80% lower makes the whole process of home-building a black rifle simple and fun.

Mil-Spec Construction. This AR-9 80% lower is built to military specs, including a hardcoat phosphate finish and mil-spec buffer tube threads. The universal exterior dimensions and takedown pin hole locations of this lower guarantee it to be compatible with any standard AR-15 upper that’s chambered in 9mm.

Compatible with ANY 80% Jig! Our AR-9 80% lower is compatible with any current AR-15 jig you’ll find available on our site. That means if you’re a current black rifle builder and you already own a jig and router, you’re set!

Accepts Glock Magazines! Compatibility with existing 9mm hardware is a must for any AR-9 rifle or pistol. That’s why we built our new AR-9 80% lower to accept the most popular 9mm makers’ magazine: Glock. Any Glock-style magazine will also work with our AR-9 lowers. 

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Owning an AR-9 just got a lot more affordable and convenient. We’re undercutting the competition with a top-tier 80% lower designed specifically for 9mm with a great price. That convenient part? Check it out:

  • 100% legal to ship to your front door
  • 100% legal to own in all 50 states (including CA!)
  • 100% legal to build in all 50 states (including CA!)
  • Is NOT considered a firearm until machined
  • Requires NO FFL paperwork or transfer
  • Requires NO FLL license to build at home


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