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New Laws, Quick Reloads: California-legal AR 15 Parts

The wounds are still fresh from the California ‘gun-pocalypse’, but that hasn’t stopped enterprising shooters, innovators, and gun entrepreneurs from beating California’s draconian laws once more. The intention of the California legislature was to attempt to regulate standard AR 15 rifles out of existence. However, the firearms community has decided they are smarter than the legislature. The new legislation banned the old bullet button and proclaimed that a fixed magazine must now be a magazine that could only be removed when the action was disassembled. So, these days to make a California-legal AR 15 and do quick reloads you need a few accessories. 

AR Maglock, The Latest California-Legal AR 15 Part

ARMagLock - AR-15 Magazine Lock


First you have to transform your black rifle with California-legal AR 15 parts to satisfy the new laws or you’ll be forced to register it. Personally, we feel it’s not the government’s business what kind of guns we own, so we’re not taking that route. As law-abiding gun owners, we have to operate within the law, but we also have to challenge it. This means resistance in the courts and compliance at home. 

That’s where the AR Maglock comes in. This awesome little device is the latest California-legal AR 15 part and doubles as a magazine release and lock all in one. It’s easy to install, and a genius invention to get around these burdensome laws.The AR Maglock replaces your standard magazine release. When a magazine in inserted it remains locked into the weapon. You cannot remove the magazine without breaking the weapon and magazine or opening the action.

The only way to release the magazine is to open the AR 15 up like an over/under shotgun. This follows the law to the letter since the action of the weapon has to be opened to remove the magazine. The AR Maglock by itself gives you a California-legal AR 15. Magazine changes aren’t slow, but they aren’t as fast as they can be either. The main slow-down comes from the takedown pin disassembly. It can be difficult to grip this little pin and pull it out in a rush. So how do we solve this problem?

Quick Release AR 15 Takedown Pin

Quick Release AR-15 Takedown Pin

The same folks behind the AR Maglock also built the Quick Release takedown pin. This pin has a loop on the top that makes it easy to fit a finger through. This gives you a secure grip, even with gloves, and even in a hurry. Grip the ring, pull the pin, and reload. The pin has a spring wrapped around it and this allows the pin to simply pop out when pulled. It decreases tensions and makes separating your upper and lower receivers quicker and buttery smooth. With both items equipped you can get all the California quick reloads you want, from a California legal AR 15. 

While the situation isn’t perfect, it’s good to have options for quick and effective reloads. The AR Maglock is an ingenious device and allows any Californian to build a legit AR 15 in a legal manner, the quick release pin just hastens your ability to reload, and adds icing to the cake.



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