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Is Buying 80% Lowers in Bulk a Good Idea?

Of course! First and foremost, everyone should know the mantra by heart… mantras, actually. Two is one and one is none. No statement ever rang truer than this when it comes to expressing a God given right. 

Anyway, it is how our forefathers wanted it. Nowhere in the constitution did they say that the rights of the people to bear AN arm shall not be infringed. They said ARMS. Plural. Moreover they wanted us to have enough arms and munitions so as to effectively defend ourselves against civil unrest, foreign invasion, and TYRANNY. Every machine has its failures, and a rifle is no exception. Having a backup or a spare to arm a loved one is a must.

Which goes right along with; Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Enough said. Just to reinforce it though, lowers have been in constant high demand recently. Buying in bulk ensures that you don’t have to wait until lowers are back in stock before turning out another build.

In addition to short supply, legislators are constantly on the move to outlaw your ability to build. Their biggest fear is that everyone will go the way of the 80 lower before they can put a lid on it. Homemade means no serial number; no serial number means they have no idea that you have it. For those who deny that a registry would ever be enacted; what do you think a DROS is? It is a record of your purchase. Not an official, but a de facto, registry.

Buying in bulk also drives down the cost of a single 80 lower. This definitely helps to make it an effective and inexpensive way for a few folks to get into a build. Pool resources with a few buddies or family members, and everyone can take turns with the jig. Let the more experienced go first so that the newcomers can observe the correct methodology.

Head over here to check out everything from singles to 5 packs of raw or black anodized, forged or billet, blank or fire/safe engraved 80 lowers. A five pack of forged, black receivers from is the best deal I’ve seen!

Whether you are stocking your personal supply with spares, building for the first time, or getting a sweet deal as a part of a group buy, snag these awesome bulk packs of 80 lowers before they sell out… again.


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