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Introducing the New and Improved AR9 80 Lower

The AR9 is arguably the coolest pistol receiver you can opt for if you’re planning on building a super-compact, lightweight, accurate, high-capacity (and affordable) AR-15 pistol. At 80 Lower, we always try to provide the latest and greatest – so we’re excited to introduce our new and improved AR9 80 Lower! What’s so great about it? Take a look and find out what it should be the next blank you throw in that 80 lower jig!

Our new AR9 80 Lower is lighter

No good AR pistol is heavy. The AR-9 should be a featherweight, and while our first iteration gets the job done, we felt we could shave off a few more ounces. So, we did! Take a peek and you’ll find we’ve managed to slim up the exterior dimensions of our new AR9 lower without sacrificing strength or durability. Our AR9 is still made from that same, top-tier 6061 T6 billet aluminum alloy, guaranteeing it’s battle-ready.

Our new AR9 80 Lower looks cooler!

AR9 pistols are damn sexy if they’re built right, so we decided to throw in some new aesthetics. We’ve cleaned up the mag well, flared and angled it, and formed it into a competition-spec mag well. This makes reloads buttery smooth and faster – and it just looks damn cool, too. Our new AR9 Lower is also compatible with all Glock style magazines, ensuring you’ve got easy access to affordable reloads and high capacity for range day.

We’ve also cleaned up some unnecessarily thick billet points, cutting geometric weight reductions that add to the cool factor while shaving off more weight wherever possible.

New mag release and integrated trigger guard!

Integrated trigger guards – machined into the lower itself – reduce final assembly time, increase overall strength and rigidity, and they look nicer. So, we threw this simple but effective design element into the mix.

Take a peek at the opposing side and you’ll find a nice, wide, flat, easy-to-maneuver magazine release that plays nice with that new competition mag well.

Compatible with leading 80% jigs

For all its updates, we’ve ensured the internal dimensions necessary to fit your favorite fire control group remained the same. This guarantees that our new AR9 80 Lower is 100% compatible with all leading 80% lower jigs, including the Easy Jig Gen 2 and 5D Router Jig Pro!

Proudly Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

A good black rifle’s heart is made in the good ole’ US of A – just like all our 80% lowers. You’ll get a lifetime warranty against any defects in workmanship, too. We’ve finished it off in a mil-spec black anodized finish so it’ll match with any upper you throw on there! Our new AR9 Lower – and all our 80 lower receivers – are not considered firearms by any legal definition, so you can buy today and we’ll ship it straight to your front door right away. No FFL is required to purchase!

Take a look at our 80% jig kits, throw in a cool 9mm upper while you’re at it, and get to building!



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