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How to Stabilize Your AR 15 Pistol

How to stabilize your AR 15 pistol

AR 15 pistols are pretty cool weapons. They are ultra-compact, they’re just as modular as rifles, they’re as close to an SBR as you can get without a paying for that $200 tax stamp. AR 15 pistol kits make for easy-to-maneuver, excellent home defense weapons and truck guns. The main issue you face with AR 15 pistols is that they are a bit more clumsy than your traditional rifle. The large size and lack of stock can make it a challenge to stabilize the pistol. So, what do we do?

A Stabilizing Brace

One option is to utilize a pistol stabilizing brace. AR pistol brace allows you to brace the rifle against your bicep or forearm. It’s also legal to shoulder a stabilizing brace according to the ATF’s recent clarification. They have made three contrary decisions in the past about using a stabilizing brace against the shoulder, but as of now, you’re free to do so legally. These braces are quite handy, and we offer the KAK Shockwave brace with most of our AR pistol kits, including our most popular 7″ kit, which you can see below!

5.56 AR Pistol Kit (7" Barrel & MOE Mauruder Handguard) with 80% Lower

Sling It

Another option is to utilize a single-point sling (available below, or in camo here) in what is known as the SAS method to stabilize your AR 15. The SAS method utilizes a single point sling and tension to stabilize the weapon. It’s aptly named the SAS method because the British Special Air Service pioneering the method with stock-less submachine guns.

Single-Point Rifle Sling | Black

It was famously used in the Iranian Embassy siege in London to great effect. It’s very simple to do. Of course, you need an AR pistol, and a single point sling. You’ll also need a sling adapter on your pistol to connect the sling to. These will replace the endplate on your pistol to allow you to connect your sling.

Size It

You’ll need to adjust the sling to your arm length and size to get the full effect of the SAS Method. Don the sling and grip the rifle with both hands. Extend it outwards as far as possible, locking your forward arm. If the sling is not tight then you need to adjust it until it’s tight when pulled. The tighter it is, the more stable your AR pistol will be.

Shoot It

Once the sling is nice and tight, you are ready to rock and roll. Just remember to extend your arms as much as possible and ensure the entire system is tight. This will give you a nice tight and stable firing position. It makes utilizing sights and optics easier and ensures your AR 15 pistol is locked tight to your body. In a home defense scenario, the sling ensures no one can take your weapon. You can pair this method with a Magpul Angled Foregrip to help push against the sling’s tension, making for a perfectly executed, rock-solid SAS pistol stance.

The SAS Method is a proven and reliable method pioneered by one of the greatest fighting organizations ever organized. It’s amazing what you can do with a simple sling and a solid AR 15 pistol. Give it a try and we bet you’ll be surprised. 



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