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How to Assemble an AR-15 Magazine Catch

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Parts needed:

  • A magazine catch
  • A magazine catch spring (this is the largest spring in the kit)
  • A magazine button (some are plastic, some metal)

Tools needed:

  • 5/32" roll pin punch

Tip: Take special care when turning the magazine catch to avoid rubbing against the hump around the bolt catch because it is possible to scratch the receiver.


  1. Attach the magazine catch with the recess on the left side of the receiver.
  2. Install the spring onto the threaded portion of the magazine catch from the right side of the receiver.
  3. Screw (3 or 4 turns) the button onto the threaded portion of the magazine catch.
  4. Use a punch (larger than hole in magazine button) or a wooden dowel to push in the magazine button so you can turn the magazine catch (clockwise) until the end of the catch is flush with the magazine button head. Then hold the receiver and press the punch against the table to prevent the bolt catch from getting in the way - as you turn the magazine catch into place put something between the punch and the magazine catch button to prevent marking it.

Ask Yourself: Does depressing the magazine release button push the magazine catch out of the magazine well into the lower receiver?

Ask Yourself: Does the spring return the magazine catch to engage in the magazine?


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