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Going Wild with a 223 Wylde Upper

So what in the Elmer Fudd is the 223 Wylde upper? Does it shoot some hot-load .223 round? Is it an obscure, overpriced, and hard-to-find boutique upper that we’ll all forget about in 6 months? Why is everyone suddenly selling uppers chambered in 223 Wylde? These are all great questions and as a company that’s recently dived into the 223 Wylde realm, we want to be able to answer these questions for you. The 223 Wylde is a great round, we can tell you that right now. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be selling a 223 Wylde upper receiver. Let’s figure out what it is!

What it’s Not

First, the 223 Wylde is not a hot-rodded .223 and it’s not some wildcat cartridge that’ll be gone next week. In fact, 223 Wylde isn’t even a cartridge – it’s a receiver and chamber type. The Wylde name is actually derived from the creator of the chamber and not just a weird way to spell “wild”. It just so happened that the creator’s last name is great for alliterations.

What the 223 Wylde is

The 223 Wylde was invented by its namesake, Bill Wylde, and in lay terms it’s a hybrid .223/5.56 NATO chamber. It addresses the fact that the good ole’ .223 Remington has some very unique, and very accurate loads on the commercial market. The problem with a .223-chambered AR 15 is that it’s not exactly safe to run 5.56 NATO through it. A 5.56 chamber can fire .223 Remington, but you lose some of that accuracy potential due to its chamber design.

So what you get with our 223 Wylde upper is an AR 15 that can shoot .223 Remington accurately, while being able to handle 5.56 NATO rounds without any issues. How does it do this? With a much tighter chamber throat. This tighter throat makes better use of those more accurate .223 Remington loads. The 223 Wylde has quickly become the choice for competition shooters. It’s also leaked into the hunting realm due to the increased accuracy for hunting small game animals, and varmint.

Our 223 Wylde Upper

223 WYLDE (18" Barrel & 15" M-Lok Handguard) AR 15 Rifle Upper Assembly

Our 223 Wylde upper is a source of pride for us. With the enhanced accuracy potential being the goal with the Wylde chamber, we decided to design the upper around shooting tight groups. We utilized an 18-inch barrel to increase velocity and sight radius. We included a 15-inch, free-floating M Lok handguard that allows the easy mounting of iron sights and accessories. The rail’s free-floating nature means nothing is hanging off your barrel, which also ensures this upper will be as accurate as possible. The receiver is made from rigid 7075 T6 aluminum that supports the barrel and reduces the effects of barrel whip (the barrel flexing as the round exits the muzzle). Overall, our new Wylde upper is a modern receiver that gets the job done, and it does so in style.

Build Your Wylde Black Rifle

You can pair our 223 Wylde upper with our classic 80% lower and enjoy having the newest hybrid AR 15 on the market without having to deal with paperwork, waiting periods, or transfer fees. Our 80 lowers ship directly to your front door without any need to go through an FFL.

80% Lower w/ Classic Lower Parts Kit

Our Wylde upper and 80% Lower/Parts Kit Combo provide everything you need to make a complete rifle – all you’ll need to finish the lower is an 80 Lower Jig. The Gen 1 Easy Jig is a great first-timer’s jig that’s also our most affordable. Take a look at it and you’ll find that it’s very easy to finish your own lower at home. The end result will be a convenient, accurate rifle that can handle both of the two most popular AR 15 cartridges.



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