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Easy Jig GEN 2 Instructional Video by

Ready to build an 80% lower? See how!

So you’re ready to build an AR-15 the right way – with an 80% lower. Awesome! We’re excited that you’re joining this growing hobby. Building your black rifle with an 80 lower allows you to build your AR-15 exactly how you want it. You don’t have to pay extra fees at the gun shop, and you don’t even need an FFL to buy and finish an 80 lower! Building an AR-15 at home with an 80 lower is 100% legal per the ATF. So, now you know you can jump right in! But how do you, exactly?

We’re bringing you an awesome instructional video on how to complete an 80% lower using the Easy Jig GEN 2!

Easy Jig GEN 2 Instructional Video

The Easy Jig GEN 2 is arguably the most popular jig available on the AR-15 market today. It’s one of the fastest jigs you can buy! It works with all 80 lowers, including AR-9, AR-15, and DPMS Gen 1 .308s. Plenty of safety features and an innovative design mean the Easy Jig lives up to its name, especially for first-time builders like you! The best part? The Easy Jig includes hardened steel stabilizers for your hand drill, so you don’t need a drill press! Ready to become an at-home gunsmith and finish your first build? Pick up our Combo Kit (includes a fresh lower!) and check out the video to see how it’s done.


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