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Do I Need an 80 Lower Jig to Build an AR-15?

Building an AR-15 for an 80 lower is one of those things where when you are done, you wonder why you worried so much about it. Finishing an 80% lower isn’t a difficult task when you have the right tools for the job. One of these tools is what we call a jig. 

80 Lower Jig 

Think of a jig as a template on how to finish your 80 lower receiver. 80 lower jigs come in a wide variety of different styles. Jigs range from literal stickers with points designated for a drill to heavy duty, multiple use jigs. A jig attaches to your 80 lower receiver and has pre-drilled holes in it. These holes are there to tell you where to drill. Once attached to your 80 lower a jig is a roadmap to success.

The purpose of the jig is to allow you to finish the fire control group with precision. When finishing an 80 lower, you have to mill out the mass of metal that still fills the control group. The jig guides the drill presses precisely into the fire control group. It limits how deep you can mill and makes it almost impossible to permanently damages your 80 lower.

A heavy duty jig like ours can be used repeatedly for up to 20 lowers. Our heavy duty Easy Jig is made of a series of individual plates, and the plates can be replaced separately. Mistakes happen and occasionally the drill may slip and damage the jig. Instead of replacing the entire jig, you simply replace the single plate that was damaged.

When using drill bits, it is important you use the correct bits with your 80 lower jig. If you don’t, you risk damaging your jig and your 80 lower. The correct drill bits to use with our Easy Jig are the following.

Size is important, but you’ll also want bits that are designed to cut through aluminum. Anything less and you’ll quickly run through bits before you finish your 80 lower. The higher quality the bit, the better, and easier time you’ll have. Also, don’t forget your cutting fluid to lube the system for easy milling. Cutting liquid preserves the bits, and prevents any melting from happening. 

80 Lower Tooling

An 80 lower jig comes into play before anything else. The construction of an AR-15 starts with the lower receiver. Before you install any parts into the lower it’s best to finish milling the 80 lower. You want to attach the 80 lower jig before you do any milling as well. You never want to mill without the jig properly in place.

An 80 lower jig is a necessity when it comes to a successful 80 lower AR-15 builds. Unless you are a master machinist with a keen eye for depth, you need a jig to finish your lower. In fact, it’s advisable to buy a jig and lower package to ensure proper fit. Polymer lowers need different jigs than metal lowers, and forged lowers need different jigs than billet lowers. If you want to buy the best 80 lower jig with the best lower, browse our selection of 80 Lower Jigs and start your AR-15 build today: Shop 80 Lower Jigs.



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