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2017 Cyber Monday AR15 Deals Line-Up

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If you're looking for 2017 Cyber Monday AR15 deals, you're in the right place. We're AR15 builders just like you, so we know we're offering specials on the products we want to see on a Cyber Monday AR15 specials list!  

AR15 Cyber Monday Deals - 2017

Get a FREE Single-Point Rifle Sling with a Purchase of $100 or More!

The first accessory you should buy your new AR15 rifle or pistol is a proper sling. Sure, two-pointers are classic, but they're not as convenient as this awesome deal:

Single-Point Rifle Sling | Black

Buy any rifle or pistol upper, or place any order for yourself (we won't tell your better half) over $100, and get an ergonomic single-point sling (a $20 value!) that lets you transition from the high ready to a sidearm or other shooting position with ease.

FEATURED RELEASE: $500 Freedom Build Kits!

300 Blackout Freedom Build Kit (16" Barrel and Fixed Front Site) with AR15 Fire/Safe 80% Lower

We're excited to offer up our 300 Blackout Freedom Build Kit for just $500! This AR15 rifle kit includes everything you need to part together a premium AR15 in 300 BLK for just pennies on the dollar: 16" Chromoly 4150 barrel, gas system, A2 handguard, A2 front sight, A2 flash hider, 7075 T6 forged upper, 7075 forged 80% lower, Classic Lower Parts Kit, M4 buttstock, and M16 bolt carrier group with charging handle. 

5.56 Freedom AR15 Build Kit (16" Barrel & Keymod Handguard) with Fire/Safe 80% Lower

If 300 Blackout isn't your thing, that's okay. You can pick up our popular 5.56 Freedom AR15 Build Kit for the same awesome Cyber Monday price: Just $500! This is a true top-tier AR15 rifle kit that contains a build sheet most other manufacturers and gun stores would charge four digits for:

A 16" 4150 Chromoly barrel, low-profile mid-length gas system, lightweight 13.5" Keymod handguard, M16 bolt carrier group, forged 7075 upper, forged 80% lower, lower parts kit with Freedom Trigger Group, and M4 buttstock. This a rifle that'll afford sub-MOA accuracy at a price we can only afford for a short time.

FEATURED RELEASE: Premium AR-9 Build Kit!

We-re so proud to unveil our latest, one-of-a-kind offering during the holiday season with one helluva deal: Our Premium AR-9 Build Kit for $500! This is the first and ONLY AR-9 build kit on the market with a forged lower, specifically designed and built for the 9mm cartridge and its most popular magazines. 

Premium AR-9 Complete Build Kit

If you wanted an AR-9, you had to spend a lot of cash, usually over a grand - until now. This proprietary kit, designed and pieced together in house at 80-Lower, features a laser-accurate 10.5" Chromoly barrel with a 1:10 twist and nitride treatment, sitting inside a free-floating 9" M-Lok handguard.

A forged 7075 T6 upper houses a 9mm G-9 Hybrid bolt carrier, capable of running with Glock or Colt magazines. The best part, though, is our AR-9 forged lower which includes a complete lower parts kit.

With a broached mag well and by-design construction, this is the first known forged AR15 lower receiver built in 9mm. Pre-engraved with Fire/Safe, all you need to turn this into a fully functioning AR-9 is an AR15 jig and router!

Get alerts about our Cyber Monday Deals!
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