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Building a 1911 – Cost and Benefits

Without a doubt the benefits of building your 1911 far outweigh the costs. Sorry to give away the main theme of the article this early, but that’s my belief and I’m sticking to it. Before getting into the specific costs and benefits, let’s just talk about the power of knowledge. Knowing how to build a gun of any sort is a life skill we believe every gun owner should posses. It’s no surprise to anyone that the gun grabbers are on the march and if they had their way we’d have nothing but nerf guns and wiffle ball bats to protect ourselves. However, when you know how to build a gun then that knowledge is an inalienable right that no one can take from you. That in of itself is worth its weight in gold. But for those who need a little more convincing, let’s break it down a little further.

A Paperwork Free Hunk of Metal

Benefit number 1 might be that when you start with an 80% complete 1911 frame you can have them shipped directly to your house without a single piece of paperwork. For those who don’t know an 80% 1911 frame is a 1911 frame that is, wait for it, 80% complete. According to the ATF this hunk of metal is not a weapon until you complete the milling process with an easy to purchase jig like the ones below.

You don’t need to dump a bunch of money on a lot of special tools as that one purchase will give you everything you need. Moreover, you don’t need that FFL which can take so long to get and is fairly expensive. Ship them by the truckloads to your front door and the ATF can’t do a single thing about it. Then, when you are ready for a new beautiful 1911 you simply put the jig to work and then abide by whatever local firearms regulations apply to you. The cost is just a little elbow grease and the price of the jig.

Testify to a Quality Build

Beyond the knowledge of knowing how to build a firearm and the paperwork free hassle of owning what you want to own in the land of the free, building your own 1911 gives you the ability to testify as to the quality of the weapon. When you know that it will be your life on the line or the lives of those you love, person tends to put a little extra TLC into the project than the guy just pushing them down an assembly line. Everyone of our products are American made from some of the finest products in the land. Now, we just need some of the finest Americans in the land to piece them together.

Should you choose, you can get everything you need to complete the 1911 in one comprehensive 1911 Build Kit. Each piece comes individually wrapped and labeled so you know which piece of metal is which. There are often tons of Youtube videos that show the process step by step, but with YouTube’s recent crackdown on the 2A lifestyle you might have to search elsewhere. But trust me, your beloved 2A community will not let you down and someone will be there to guide you. Then, when it is all said and done and it’s time to send that first round down range you will have the confidence and assurance that this is a quality weapon that won’t let you down when it matters most. The costs don’t come close to touching the benefits of building your own 1911. The gun thing we do is a lifestyle and we say if you are going to live it, then do it right!



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