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Assembly of the Trigger Guard

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Parts needed:

  • A trigger guard assembly (metal or plastic with detent installed on the front end)
  • A trigger guard roll pin (larger of the two roll pins)

Tools needed:

  • A hammer
  • 1/8" roll pin punch

Tip: Make sure that the small block of wood is supporting the bottom flange and that the trigger guard is in position supporting the top flange otherwise you risk bending or breaking off one of the flanges.

Tip: Also watch as you put in the roll pin that it is going through the hole in the trigger guard correctly.


  1. Start by attaching the front of the trigger guard assembly to the receiver using the detent.
  2. Now lay the receiver on the block of wood to drive the roll pin into the receiver and rear of the trigger guard using the drive pin punch.


Ask Yourself: When you depress the detent on the trigger guard are you able to pivot the trigger guard open?


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