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Assembly of the Trigger

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Parts needed:

  • A trigger
  • A trigger pin
  • A trigger spring
  • A disconnector
  • A disconnector spring

Tools needed:

  • 5/32" drive pin punch


  1. If the trigger spring onto trigger with ends of spring forward and under.
  2. Install the disconnector spring with the wider portion of spring down towards the trigger and push it until it locks in.
  3. Position the disconnector on top of the trigger, where the trigger pin will hold both into place.
  4. Insert the trigger assembly into the receiver.
  5. Insert the trigger retaining pin through the receiver, trigger, and disconnector. The trigger pin has 2 grooves in it; one in the middle of the pin and one off to one side. Insert from the left to the right, with the groove to the left.
  6. Insert the hammer pin from the opposite side to help align things as you push the trigger pin in and the hammer pin out. Next, push down on the trigger assembly to align the holes and get the pin in all the way.

Ask Yourself: Does the trigger pivot smoothly when depressed?

Ask Yourself: Does the disconnector pivot when pushed?


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