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Assembly of the Pistol Grip

Parts needed:

  • A selector detent (one end is flat, the other pointed)
  • A selector detent spring
  • A pistol grip
  • A pistol grip screw (Allen-head or slotted pan-head screw)
  • A lock washer

Tools needed:

  • Allen key//flat-blade screwdriver (depending on screw type)

Tip: The selector cannot be rotated to ‘safe’ unless the hammer is cocked.


  1. Install the detent (pointed end towards the selector) and the spring into the receiver from the bottom.
  2. Compress the spring with the grip and make sure the spring fits into the hole in the grip.
  3. Check the function of the selector with the grip held in place; if it is unable to rotate you may need to either cut the spring, or clean out the hole in the grip.
  4. Secure the grip in place with the screw and the lock washer.

Ask Yourself: Is the selector able to move from safe to fire and click in place? It should not move past the ‘safe’ or ‘fire’ positions.

Ask Yourself: With the selector on ‘safe’, does the cocked hammer release when the trigger is pressed? It should NOT.

Ask Yourself: With the selector on ‘semi’, does the hammer release when the trigger is pressed?




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