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Assembly of the Bolt Catch

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Parts needed:

  • A bolt catch
  • A bolt catch buffer
  • A bolt catch spring (easily confused with the disconnector spring; disconnector spring is tapered though)
  • A bolt catch roll pin (smaller of the two roll pins)

Tools needed:

  • 3/32" roll pin punch
  • 5/32" (or larger) punch

Tip: Take special care to make sure the pin is in place before driving it. Also ensure that it is held securely in place when striking the punch. To help avoid scratching place fiberglass packing tape (2 layers thick) or cloth over the receiver just between the receiver and the punch.

Tip: It can be very difficult to get this pin started; you might want to try squeezing the roll pin on one end with pliers or the vise before starting. If you don't have a roll pin holder, try holding it in place with a pair of needle nose pliers while you drive using a 5/32" punch.


  1. When installing the bolt catch, first drive the roll pin halfway into the rear hump from the rear of the receiver using the roll pin holder.
  2. Install spring in hole on left side of receiver.
  3. Install bolt catch plunger on top of spring with round portion on top and small end into receiver. Make sure it moves freely in its hole.
  4. Install bolt catch in receiver; it only fits on one way.
  5. Use a 3/32" punch to hold the assembly by placing it through the front hump.
  6. The pin can be driven the rest of the way from the rear as the punch will be pushed out and while holding the bolt catch in correct alignment.

Ask Yourself: Under tension from the spring does the bolt catch function smoothly?


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