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AR Pistol Kit: The AR 15 Kit You Need to Build Next

People of the gun tend to disagree a lot. From the big arguments like Glock versus 1911 – to the smaller arguments over effective scope magnification ranges. They all rarely agree on one thing. One of the few things that gun guys and gals can agree on is that the AR-15 is an adaptable rifle. In fact, AR might as well stand for Adaptable Rifle -instead of Armalite rifle. The AR-15 can be had in a very wide variety of configurations, including the AR-15 pistol. We’ve found the AR Pistol Kit to be one of the most popular AR 15 kits on the market this year!

An AR Pistol Kit – What’s the Point?

We just covered how “AR” stands for: Armalite Rifle. So what’s the point of build an AR-15 pistol beginning with an AR Pistol Kit over a standard AR rifle or even a short barreled rifle (SBR)? There are several reasons:

  1. Why not have all three? 
  2. A rifle, pistol, and SBR all have different uses and mission profiles. 
  3. More is always better when it comes to building rifles. 
  4. Building rifles is a blast, so why would an AR Pistol Kit be any different?
  5. It simplifies things.

    With most AR Pistols Kits and AR-15 pistols, in general, you will be able to interchange certain AR-15 parts with your standard AR-15 rifle. At the very least, you will be able to share magazines between AR-15 pistols and AR-15 rifles. Even if you have a 5.56 rifle, but choose to go with a 300 blackout pistol you can still share magazines.

    "Even if you have a 5.56 rifle, but choose to go with a  300 blackout pistol you can still share magazines."

    It’s Still Different Shooting 

    An AR-15 pistol is a lot different than a rifle. You cannot place the firearm against your shoulder, and the barrel is shorter and weight is lower than a standard rifle. This makes firing the firearm a different and sometimes more challenging experience. If you go with a 5.56 AR-15 pistol with a short barrel, like a 7″ AR Pistol Kit, you are going to get a bigger boom and nice bright flash.

    A Stop Gap – An AR Pistol Kit Advantage

    If you want to build an SBR, you will have to register it, pay a $200 tax stamp and wait several months until the ATF approves you. Once this process is done, you have to request permission to travel out of state with your firearm. Some states ban SBRs outright, so sometimes it is not even an option. An AR-15 pistol gives you a light and handy package without the wait, the tax stamp, or the travel//state restrictions. The SBR will offer the advantages of a stock, but it comes at a steep price and plenty of restrictions.

    Photo of 300 Blackout

    Why An AR Pistol Kit?

    An AR Pistol Kit varies a little from standard AR 15 Rifle Kits. The main difference being barrel length, gas system, buffer and buffer tube. The gas system and buffer tube are one the biggest reasons for buying an AR 15 Kit. Pistols are different than rifles and require different buffers and gas systems. A build kit makes it easy to get the right combination.

    Size Matters 

    An AR-15 pistol is a short, lightweight, and very handy little gun to have. If you are thinking about adding one to your collection, take your pick from one of our many AR Pistol Kits for your next project.  

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