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AR Lower Assembly: A Checklist of What to Expect in Your Kit

By now, most of us know what to expect when we pick up a lower parts kit. But what about an AR lower assembly kit? Some do or don’t have a pistol grip. Some do or don’t have a butt stock. Well, today you get a checklist of what to expect in an AR Lower Assembly Kit from

AR Lower Assembly Checklist:

  • Lower Parts Kit (CA-Compliant or non)
  • Trigger
  • Buffer Tube
  • Carbine Buffer Spring
  • Butt Stock
  • Pistol Grip (Magpul or Standard)
  • Stock Attach Plate
  • Carbine Buffer
  • Castle Nut

AR Lower Assembly Parts List Breakdown:

Lower Parts Kit:

To begin, we took the classic, time tested, battle-proven Anderson Lower Parts Kit to give our builders a head start above the competition. The color coded bags separate parts into “groupings”. These groupings not only make it simple to check that all your parts are present at a glance, but also speed up assembly time by having all related parts in the same bag. Expect to find the following:

  • Clear bag: pivot pin/detent/spring, takedown pin/detent/spring
  • Yellow bag: bolt catch/plunger/roll pin/spring, buffer retainer/spring
  • Red bag: hammer pin/spring, trigger pin/spring, disconnect/spring
  • Blue bag: magazine catch/spring, CA-compliant mag release button, trigger guard/roll pin
  • Green bag: safety selector/detent/spring, pistol grip screw/lock washer
  • Bag-less: hammer, trigger, pistol grip

Buffer Tube:

Now as any builder knows, the takedown pin detent spring and the buffer retainer and spring are dependent upon the buffer tube to capture them in place. So we had a talk with our manufacturers and got you hooked up with a complete package. Your buffer tube assembly comes complete with everything required for a successful install. It starts with a MIL-Spec diameter tube made of 7075 hard coat anodized aluminum. Pair that with the included latch plate and castle nut and all of the parts from your Lower Parts Kit aren’t going anywhere (except the range, of course). Finish the collection off with a buffer and a spring and you are one step away from completion.

Butt Stock:

We chose a classic adjustable carbine stock for its versatility. Right out of the box this thing has 6 sling mounting options. Using the included QD sling swivel, you can mount left or right side. There is also an included screw in sling swivel mount (you will need to get the actual swivel, only the mount is included) in the bottom of the stock that allows you to mount a sling a-la M16-A2 style. That same swivel mount can be moved to either the left or right side of the stock.

Pistol Grip:

Your pistol grip options are either a classic grip or an enhanced Magpul pistol grip. The Magpul grip is a fan favorite due to the soft feel of the plastic. Also, a lot of builders want Magpul furniture across their entire rifle and scoring a lower parts kit and a Magpul pistol grip is a win-win.


We carry a variety of options when it comes to AR lower assemblies. For a better visual representation of all of that, head over to the lower assembly page to take a look at the AR Lower Assembly package deals.

AR Lower Assembly: A Checklist of What to Expect in Your Kit


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