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AR 15 Parts: Builders Wish List for 2017

New year, new you? How about new year, new rifle? Buying a pre-built AR 15 is so 2005. Building a rifle is where it’s at, and where it has been for quite some time now. With building a rifle in mind, what are AR 15 parts that are going to be on every AR 15 builder’s wish list in 2017?

1. For the One and Done AR 15 Builder – A Complete AR 80 Lower Assembly

If you want it all, and you want it now, there is nothing simpler than purchasing a complete AR 80% lower assembly. A complete 80 lower is not a single AR 15 part, but everything you need to assemble the lower receiver.

This of course is the 80% lower, the stock, buffer tube and buffer assembly, and the lower parts kit. offers not just a complete 80 lower assembly, but a billet 80 lower assembly. Billet lowers are cleaner cut, with sharper lines that differentiate themselves from the standard forged lower receivers. They are also marked with safe and fire markings that many 80 lowers simply don’t add.

2. Premium Lower Parts Kit

Lower Parts Kit


Your lower parts kit controls a good portion of the ergonomic functions of your rifle. Most lower parts kits fall into the mil spec category. There is nothing wrong with a mil spec lower parts kit. They are durable, reliable and get the job done. Can they be better?

They sure can. A Premium Lower Parts Kit makes shooting your rifle a more enjoyable experience. Our Premium Lower Parts Kit kicks the finger shelf pistol grip to the back of the class and utilizes a smooth Magpul pistol grip and an enhanced trigger guard. These AR 15 parts are more comfortable when shooting, especially when you are shooting for extended periods of time.

3. Easy Jig Tooling

Finishing an 80% lower is about 50% mental and 50% physical. The physical portion is largely connected to the tools you choose to finish your 80% lower. Milling out the fire control group of an 80 lower means cutting through metal. Having the proper tooling to do so is critical. Our Easy Jig tooling is designed specifically to chew through the aluminum used to build 80 lowers. This is purpose built tooling that includes all the necessary bits to finish an 80% lower, and includes a drill stop collar.

4. Castle Nut Wrench

Castle Nut Wrench


The day I purchased a castle nut wrench was the day my life was changed. I used a wide variety of tools to build my AR 15s and often found them lacking. The castle nut wrench is one AR 15 part that makes it easy to attach a fixed or collapsing stock to your rifle. It also allows you to attach most barrel nuts to a rifle. You also get a flat blade screwdriver, a hex bit drive socket, and a bottle opener for those after the build celebratory brews.

5. Magpul Pmags

Upgrading your mag game can be intimidating. Most malfunctions caused in firearms are due to the magazines. If you are looking to jump into the modern mag market, the Magpul Pmag line is by far the most reputable, affordable, and available option. PMags are the go to AR 15 part for polymer magazines. These bad boys are tougher, and more dependable than standard GI mags and are priced to sell. Magpul has had a massive influence on the modern AR 15-part industry, and it all started with their magazine upgrades. Pmags feature an anti-tilt follower, durable polymer construction, and are easy to load, reliable, and easy to clean. They are everything a USGI mag will never be.

It’s 2017 people, let’s build ‘till 2018. 



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