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AR 15 Kits: How to Build a Ghost Recon Gun

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has been out for a little while now and it’s been met a lot of critical acclaim. Those of us who mix our passion for firearms and videos games are especially impressed by the arsenal of real world firearms and accessories that are present in the game. 

Play through and in true AR fashion, you’ll find dozens of different guns and customization options. If you’re a fan of the game and its guns you’ll be psyched to know just how easy it is to build your own Ghost Recon gun. In fact, some AR 15 Kits and a little bit of tooling could let you enjoy a black rifle that’s straight out of the game. 

Turning your AR 15 Kit into A Ghost Recon Gun


So, the first thing you’ll need is a solid AR 15 lower receiver. Since the Ghost Recon squad is a military unit it’s not hard to imagine they are rocking forged 7075-T6 aluminum lower receivers. They are ultimately the strongest type of lower receiver and a solid choice for any operator. You can easily grab a forged 80 Lower from our product section like the one pictured just below:

Ghost Recon Wildlands Forged 80 Lower

In the game, you have an option for customizing different barrel lengths. A standard 16” rifle barrel will be the easiest to build an accurate Ghost Recon Wildlands gun without having to go the SBR route. The Ghosts seem to prefer 13.5” M-LOK style rail systems on their guns. This makes sense: M-LOK was recently adopted by SOCOM (Special Operations Command) as their rail of choice. You can grab a perfectly suitable 16″ barreled upper from us, just like the one below:

5.56 (16" Barrel & 12" M-Lok Handguard) AR 15 Rifle Upper Assembly

Of course, you’ll need a full auto, mil-spec bolt carrier group to fill the upper receiver. To fill the lower receiver in your AR 15 Kit, toss in our Premium Lower Parts kit. As you can see the Ghost’s are rocking Magpul MOE grips and ambidextrous safeties, exactly like our Premium Lower Parts Kit. 

Leveling Up

Ghost Recon Wildlands: AR 15 Magpul MOE Buttstock

Next, you’ll need a proper AR 15 Stock and the Magpul MOE stock is another favorite of the Ghosts. The Magpul MOE stock is very well made, lightweight, and super modern. It’s a very popular stock and a favorable upgrade over most “factory” buttstocks for good reason. 

The MOE stock is a minimalist design in terms of bulk and weight, but it’s still very robust and well made. The MOE option also gives you a few different sling points. 

Lock and Load

Looking at their guns, what kind of magazines are the Ghosts rocking? An AR 15 build is only as good as the mags it’s packing. in this case, we’re looking at Magpul Pmags, which makes a lot of sense. Magpul magazines are lightweight, durable, and dependable. 

They feature anti-tilt followers and high quality springs. They are also a lot less noisy than standard aluminum mags when placed in a pouch. When you are a Ghost it’s important to be quiet. 

Sighting in

Finally, the Flip Up Sights vary broadly throughout Wildlands, and includes optics of all kinds. They also include the ability to upgrade standard iron sights with Magpul MBUIS front and rear sights. Another quality option and one that is widely available and proven to be a dependable, and lightweight option. 

The Parts List

So, let’s make it easy, here is the complete list that’ll turn your next AR 15 Kit into a Ghost Recon rifle: 

  • Forged 80 lower in 7075 T6 
  • Premium Lower Parts Kit
  • Magpul MOE Stock
  • Magpul MBUIS front and rear sights
  • M-LOK Handguard
  • Mil Spec bolt carrier group
  • 16” barreled AR 15 upper


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