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80% Lowers: Staying Legal in an Age of 2A Legal Madness

We here at feel a patriotic duty to offer solutions to gun ownership even as the 2nd Amendment comes under assault. State governments like California try to infringe on that ownership with legislation. We simply offer the means to comply without sacrificing your rights. It is unfortunate that our creative solutions are necessary, but this is the age of 2A legal madness. We are here to keep you legal, no matter the legislation proposed in your state. In this age of 2A legal madness, our 80% lowers are that solution.

Ammo Legislation and The 2A Legal Madness in California

We’re one month into 2018 and it’s no surprise that California is leading the crusade against gun ownership, specifically the AR 15. Most recently, in a very creative “poll tax” type of manner, California sought to infringe upon a constitutional right through the back door. Poll taxes were once used to infringe upon the citizens’ right to vote. Sure, you could still vote, but you’d need to pay a tax first. Well, California has said you can own a gun, but you’ll need to pay a tax on that ammo you use with it.

CA Compliant Serialized 80% Lower - Blog Photo #1

With AB 857 requiring your AR 15 lower to be serialized, we decided to make building an 80% lower easy in CA. Pick up one pre-serialized and avoid all the hassle!

California has now made it illegal to purchase ammunition online and have it shipped to your home. Instead, you have to have it sent to a licensed arms dealer who will then require a background check. That’s right, if the internet has a smoking hot deal on some Hornady Superformance rounds you’ll have to wait. It is also now illegal to transport ammunition across state lines. In every sense of the analogy, California’s trying to poll tax your right to bear arms.

Keeping Gun Ownership Legal in California

In most states, the 80% lowers we sell are the easiest way to get your hands on a quality pistol or rifle with just a bit of machining. If you want to enjoy all the features the AR 15 has to offer, you’ll need to invest in the AR MagLock. Given the current trend of rogue states putting unnecessary restrictions on the 2nd Amendment, we’d argue that it is near a moral responsibility to know how to build a gun from simple parts. However, in states like California, we have to get a little creative to ensure our fellow citizens are able to exercise their constitutional right. That’s why we explicitly rolled a guide on how you can legally finish an 80% lower in California.

Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform with Tooling (AR-9 / AR-15 / AR-10) - Blog Photo #2

Owning the Easy Jig Gen 2 and one of our 80% Lowers to California is 100% legal. You can even build it legally in California, too! 

Regardless of where you live, if this is a skill you have yet to master then it’s time to get on it. Likely, a state near you is considering some sort of similarly maddening restrictions. We even offer the tools you’ll need to complete the job, including full build kits and our favorite 80% lower jig. We not encouraging you to skirt the law. While we can’t be taken as authority legal experts, we are trying to keep you legal. If you live in a 2A-restrictive state then you are subject to this 2A legal madness. Nonetheless, we’re offering a patriotic solution to a genuine problem. For more information, check out our blog below on how to build your own AR-15 legally and unregistered.


Preserve Your Right Against 2A Legal Madness Forever

Sadly it is not just the left coast that we have to worry about. Citizens in “progressive” states have to deal with conversations about “bullet buttons”, “high-capacity magazines” (we sell 10-round mags in case you’re dealing with a ban) and even AR 15s with chainsaws attached like bayonets, presented ludicrously as a mainstream media example. It has often been said that “they can take our guns when they pry it from our cold dead hands.” We would like to add that government can never truly pry away your guns when you know how to build a new one. This is a life skill, a patriotic duty, and perhaps even a moral calling for us all. Keep it legal, stay frosty, and keep training.


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