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6 Things to Look for When Buying an 80 Lower Receiver

Deciding what to look for when buying an 80 lower receiver becomes easier with experience. If you’re new to building 80 lowers and AR rifles in general, we’ve gathered the six biggest things to look for when choosing an AR 80 lower receiver. If you spend enough time in the firearms world, these are things you’ll pick up naturally, but why take all the time when you can learn from experts who’ve been there and done that? 

80 lower receiver

Quality of Material

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen new builders make is thinking all 80 lowers are equal. The use of polymer in the AR lower build market is rising. Polymer lowers aren’t strong enough just yet to be reliable. They break rather easily and very few work well for long periods of time. We recommend using 6061 aluminum to start because it’s nice and strong.

7075 is the strongest aluminum to start with and will last the longest. For just a few dollars more, you can have an incredibly strong 7075 80 lower receiver that will basically last forever. The price difference between polymer and 7075 aerospace aluminum is on average about ten dollars.

Style or Pragmatism
This isn’t so much a measure of quality, but a measure of personal style and taste. We think looks come second to quality, but when you stick to aluminum 80 lower receivers, you can choose between forged and billet.

Forged is the traditional style. It’s simple, effective and the method the U.S. military chooses for their M16/M4 lower receivers. Billet receivers have cleaner lines, are heavier duty, and have a unique look to them.

Receiver Origin
Determining where your 80 lower receiver comes from is a major consideration. Chinese AR accessories from slings to rails are genuinely considered bottom-of-the-bucket-tier goods. Since 80 lower receivers aren’t considered firearms, they aren’t bound by the same import laws. So you may not know what you’re getting. Our receivers are 100% American Made.

Customer Service
You’ve got your 80 lower receiver, now what? Well, if you’ve chosen to buy from us, you have a team of customer support specialists to help you finish your build. Our informational guidelines can teach or lead you to the best information on the internet to build your AR lower.

Not only do we provide building support, we sell the jigs, tooling, and other goods you need to complete your build. We also offer a blog with a variety of ideas and resources to push you in the right direction. Find a source of AR 80 lower receivers that can give you support, service, and instruction before you invest.

You should also consider what caliber you are wanting to build. Our 80 lower is a multi-cal receiver. This means, that with the right parts, you can build a 5.56/223 AR, a 7,62x39mm model, a 22 LR rifle, or even a 9MM AR rifle, or pistol. Maybe you want to go big with a full-powered 308 build and go AR 10. We offer the options to make this possible.

Choosing an AR 80 lower receiver is the first step to a successful build. The lower receiver holds the heart of the weapon, so when investing, ensure you choose the right model of receiver and the right supplier. The quality of a receiver is something you never want to skimp on.



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