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5 Reasons You Should Build Your Own AR Today

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With dozens of manufacturers offering off-the-shelf AR-15’s in a variety of configurations, why should you take the time to build your own AR? Are there advantages to building your own AR instead of buying a pre-assembled one?

As you ponder what route to go, ‘buy or build,’ these and other questions might come to mind as you consider building your own AR-15.

Why Should You Build an AR-15

Although the reasons why you should build your own AR may vary among aficionados of custom AR’s, there are a few reasons that remain the same.

1. Because You Can

Most people are surprised to learn it is 100% legal to assemble your own AR-15. A serialized lower receiver is the only piece of the AR-15 that is considered a firearm by the BATFE. As long as all laws are followed regarding the lower receiver and barrel length, you can pretty much build the AR-15 as you want it. Furthermore, you do not have to be a licensed gunsmith to build your own AR.

2. Only You Will Know

If you decide to use an 80% lower receiver (And as long as it is for personal use only) you won’t have to complete an FFL transfer, fill out ATF Form 4473 or mess with serialization. For those who enjoy the thought of privacy, building your own AR on an 80% lower receiver is the way to go.

3. It’s All Yours

Because of the AR-15’s modularity, building your own AR-15 allows complete customization and personalization. From the lower receiver, upper receiver, barrel, fire control group, and accessories, you have the option of choosing each component that makes up your rifle. Even color and caliber can be custom.

When you show up with a custom AR, your friends will know without question — this rifle is all yours.

4. Details Matter

If you’ve been around AR-15’s for any amount of time, you know details matter. From the fire control group to the bolt carrier group, these parts can make a big difference in the overall performance of your firearm. Building your own AR-15 allows you to make sure only the best parts are in your AR, which in turn allows the best possible performance.

5. It's Easy

Don’t let the thought of assembling your own AR-15 intimidate you. Think of it much like an Erector Set or Legos. By following simple step-by-step instructions, anyone with DIY skills can build their own AR. Building your own AR is not rocket science. Even you can build a high-quality AR.


No matter why type of AR-15 you want to build or what use you have in mind, i.e., varminter, target, competition, or long range, building your own AR has never been easier.

The AR’s modular design allows complete customization along with providing you with a sense of satisfaction that can’t be had with an off-the-shelf AR.

Start your AR build today with an 80% lower receiver and be on your way to owning a 100% custom AR-15.

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