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5 Reasons to Join a Build Party for Your 80 Lower

To Learn or Educate Others

Whether you are a seasoned, pro-builder or a brand new 80 lower builder, a build party has something for you. As an experienced builder, you can always learn one more trick or one more method of finishing an 80 lower. Also, as an experienced builder, you can go forward and educate others in how to build.

As a beginner, you can learn some of the very basics of building a gun and learn how to maintain it. Outside of building a rifle, build parties are good for asking every question you’ve ever thought of regarding AR 15s. You get a great chance to educate yourself on firearm laws, firearms safety, and the basics of shooting.

80 lower build parties

To Borrow Technical Expertise

As a beginner, it can be quite intimidating when you begin building an 80 lower. There is always the fear of royally screwing up your build. Plus, there is always the risk of creating drain holes or speed holes when you drill just a bit too far with that drill press. Attending a party allows you to consult experts on all the little things necessary to finish an 80 lower. Remember, you have to finish your lower. Expertise does not mean someone builds your receiver.

To Share Tools

Sharing tools is another major advantage to attending a build party. You may not even realize the tools you’ll need to finish your 80 lower. Tools like quality drill presses are expensive and can be confusing if you’ve never dived into the drill press world. Sharing tools is completely legal as long as no one is paying another to build their weapon and the tools are not used for commercial purposes. Apparently, there are also issues with sharing a CNC machine, so stay away from those.

To Save Money

Attending a build party can be a major method of saving money. For example, purchasing lowers in bulk is the most affordable method to supply a party with lowers. If you borrow tools, you are saving money. If you are consulting experts about building lowers, you are less likely to screw up yours and you will save money by not buying a second 80 lower.

To Have Fun

Here is the best thing about build parties, they are a party. In general, they can be a blast, an excellent opportunity to meet new people, and learn how to build a rifle. At the end of a party you have a gun, new friends, and a massive amount of experience. Building a rifle is an experience, and it’s a fun one.

Laws Regarding Build Parties

Building 80 lowers is a sensitive topic with the ATF. A company cannot set up shop selling 80 lowers and then offer a service of turning them into 100 percent lowers. It’s not legal for you to pay someone to build an 80 lower for you. If you join a build party, it needs to be a private build party and not commercial in any way. Keep in mind, I’m not a lawyer and this advice is coming from decisions passed by the ATF.

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