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5 Reasons to Build Your Own AR-15

1. It’s Cheaper

Building your own AR-15 allows you to customize the entire design into something you genuinely want. You can pick and choose the exact parts you want and design a unique rifle. You can build a premium rifle for much cheaper than you can buy one for. In fact, the only rifle’s that come out cheaper to buy that build are often known as Sport models. These rifles are not Milspec, and are often priced right below what you could build build a nice rifle for. We are talking a $50 to $100 difference most of the time.

2. It’s Rewarding

While  building an AR-15 isn’t exactly difficult, it’s still challenging. Anyone can do it, but everyone will be challenged the first time they do so. That challenge is stressful, but in a good way. If it was too easy there wouldn’t be the same payoff. Afterwards you have this sense of achievement. Especially once you have everything assembled and the weapon is ready to fire. The effort you put into it gives you this overall rewarding feeling. This feeling doubles when you finish your first AR-15 Build Kit with an 80% lower.

3. The Fun Factor

When you decide to build a rifle you aren’t just buying parts and putting them together. You are getting an experience out of it. It’s genuinely fun to do. It’s like mountain climbing, everyone wants to get to the top, but the important part is the climb. A build party where a couple of friends are hanging out and building rifles for the first time can be hilarious.

4. Building Skills

Building a rifle allows you to really understand how everything works. Start with nothing more than a chunk of aluminum, an AR-15 build kit and turning it into a rifle is truly an educational experience. If you want to know how your rifle ticks, then building it is the way to go. With an understanding of how all the parts function together you have a solid idea on how it all works. This way when something goes wrong you are able to quickly diagnose the problem, and even fix or replace the broken part.

5. It’s the Only Way To Go Off Grid

Anytime you purchase a rifle at a traditional FFL a variety of information gets logged about you and your firearms. While a gun store retains the information, the ATF can inspect these forms at almost any time. If you want a rifle that is completely off-the-grid  with no FFL required, an 80% lower and a build kit is the only way to do that. This allows the rifle kit, and 80 percent lower to be shipped directly to your door with no questions asked.


A Bonding Project Dads and Sons have a long tradition of bonding over projects. Decades ago this was due to necessity and the number of family businesses. These days, it’s becoming increasingly uncommon. Building an AR-15 together, or more than one, is an excellent project one can do with their children. It helps teach firearms safety and respect for the weapon. At the same time, it is an excellent way to bond, have a shared challenge, and a shared reward.

If you are the fence on building an AR-15 rifle, just do it! It’s fun, it’s the most affordable it’s ever been, and the experience is worth every second. Right now the AR market is massive and everything from ammo to magazines is constantly becoming more affordable.

To learn more about your building options for an AR-15, be sure to check out our AR-15 Build Kit Buyer’s Guide.



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