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4 Tips to Keeping your AR15 Parts Reliable

The AR 15 is a professional’s weapon through and through. It was designed for shooters who know basic maintenance and how to keep a gun running. Even if you aren’t a professional gunslinger, the AR 15 is designed to be an accurate semi-automatic weapon that is consistently reliable. For it to continue functioning for long periods of time you need quality AR15 parts, proper maintenance, and a few other tips and tricks.

Keep it Protected

The first step to keeping an AR 15 functioning properly is to keep it protected until it needs to be used. An AR 15 isn’t going to fall apart or break because it was sitting out, but simply placing it in hard case will protect it when not in use. We personally use and sell a padded, hard-sided locking cases. Our box has a foam interior that can be fitted for your rifle and any other accessories like mags or optics. This Plano rifle case will protect your rifle from scratches, drops, falls, unfavorable weather conditions, and anything else. This case can take on anything the world throws its way.

Use Quality Magazines

The biggest cause of failures in a semi-automatic weapon is using poor quality magazines. This is why we advise to use high-quality magazines. We suggest Magpul Pmags. We aren’t going out on a limb when we say Magpul Pmags are the best AR 15 magazines on the market. That is what we use, and that’s why we sell them too.

Use a High-Quality Bolt Carrier Group

AR15 Parts - Keeping them reliable

The bolt carrier group is one of the most critical AR15 parts in your rifle. A poorly made bolt carrier group will work itself to pieces. The bolt carrier group inside our rifle kits as well as with our upper receivers are high quality. All of bolt carrier groups are built to mil-spec standards. This means they are built to handle full auto fire. A full auto BCG has to be extremely strong, and durable to withstand massive amounts of heat while firing round after round.

Our bolt carrier groups are built to the point that they are best described as overbuilt. A semi-automatic rifle is never going to run fast and hard enough to damage our BCGs.

Keep Your Rifle Clean

Long term, basic maintenance could be more important than any AR15 parts. Some basic maintenance includes cleaning the chamber, cleaning your bolt carrier group, and even cleaning your magazines. On top of that, you’ll need to apply lubrication to the moving parts of your rifle. A little basic maintenance and cleaning here and there will keep a gun running. Without a good cleaning routine, carbon buildup, rust, and other issues may occur which can break down even the highest quality parts.

Keeping Your AR Running

Keeping an AR 15 running isn’t difficult to do. Yes, some rifles require less maintenance. Those rifles can’t achieve the accuracy, the effective range, or the modularity of the AR 15 rifle. With just a few quality AR15 parts and a little know-how and your rifle will run for as long as you own it. Shop our selection of AR15 parts to keep your AR-15 reliable.



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