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3 Tools You Need for Your 1911 Pistol Build

It might be a little misleading to say 3 “tools” as the truth of the matter is that you can add three items to your shopping cart with us and voila, you’ve got everything you need to have a fully functioning 1911. I say misleading because only one of them is actually a tool. Most gun enthusiast new to the building process are often shocked at just how simple it is to build a 1911 from scratch. The hardest part is really just finding a trusted quality name to deliver top notch American made products. If we might be so bold as to say we heard good things about those 1911 Frame people. But since you are already here with us, let’s just jump right in and go over the three essential elements you will need to go pew pew pew with you very own custom built 1911.

80% Frame for the Win

The first thing you will need is an 80% frame made from the finest materials around. The beauty of starting with an 80% 1911 frame is that there is no FFL required to purchase it and have it sent directly to your home. As far as the ATF is concerned these things are just awkward looking metal paperweights and you can literally have as many as you want without so much as a single piece of paperwork. It is only when you complete it that you are now subject to any applicable firearm laws in your area. Feel free to check out what we have to offer in this space below.

Our frames are made right here in the United States of America and Ohio if you want to be really specific. Sorry Michigan fans, but you can still purchase them too. They are made from 7075 aluminum which is easier to mill than steel frames. They come in commander and government models which will give you the basic platform you need to get started. This more of a part than tool, but all the parts in the world will do you no good without the frame.

Don’t Forget the Parts

Next, you are going to need all the parts that make a gun go pew. We suppose you could just throw the frame at someone’s head but a gun that actually shoots is recommended. These parts kits come with everything you need and are individually bagged and labeled. Pro tip: If this is your first build keep them labeled in the bag until you are ready to use them. There are lots of little pieces as you can see below and it’s better to know what is what.

Finally, you’ll need the actual tool and yes we said tool in the singular. The 1911 jig is the only tool you will need to complete your 80% 1911 frame. It utilizes carbon cutters to remove the aluminum and doesn’t require a milling machine or any other special parts. This jig too is made in America and is reusable over a lifetime. Imagine that, with the purchase of our 1911 Jig you’ll be able complete as many 1911’s as you want. Three purchases and you’ve got your home built 1911 ready to go. If you are shocked at just how simple it is don’t feel bad as many are in the same boat. However, once you know how to build a gun from scratch then no one will ever be able to take your 2A rights away from you. Call it a life skill, but we think every gun owner should know how to do the same. There you have it my friends, now happy building and may your aim be true and center mass.



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