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2017 Black Friday AR15 Deals Line-Up

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Who says you can’t get Black Friday AR15 specials? Not us! 

Our Black Friday AR15 specials are the lowest our prices will be all year (and we’re not just saying that like the Big Box stores). Our AR15 Black Friday specials were compiled by people just like you – AR15 builders! We vowed to stay away from the fluff and get straight to the savings. These days, you don’t have time for a bunch of red-tape or stipulations on sales. Therefore, you won’t find any on our Black Friday AR15 specials! Check out our Black Friday line-up below! 

AR15 Black Friday Deals - 2017

FREE Premium Build Mat with Purchase of $100 or More!

AR-15 Build Mat

Look, it’s no fun taking apart your AR15 and letting all those tiny little pieces roll around. You really should get a build mat for all those bolt carrier bits and lower receiver baubles. We know, we know – you’ve got money to save for more important things, like drop-in triggers, barrels, and lowers. 

So, spend $100 or more and you’ll get exactly what you need to go with that new purchase: A premium AR15 build mat (a $25-$30 value!), complete with a nifty diagram and parts numerical that’ll help you while you’re in the middle of all that bench work!

LIMITED RELEASE: 25 Budget Ultimate Build Kits!

Budget Ultimate 300 Blackout Rifle Kit

We’re really not trying to sell you, here. This is one of the most affordable complete, all-you-need 300 Blackout kits you’ll ever find. This Budget Ultimate 300 Blackout Rifle Kit is being offered practically at cost and it provides you with a clone of a military-issue M4 in 300 Blackout: 16″ Chromoly barrel, A2 front sight post, A2 flash hider, A2 handguard, forged upper, M4 feedramps, mil-spec hardcoat phosphate finish, M4 buttstock, and more.

You’ll also get some wicked accessories: A Magpul M-Lok Angled Foregrip, Magpul MBUS sights, an Easy Jig Gen 2 AR15 jig, an Easy Jig Gen 2 tool kit, a forged 80% lower, and a tactical rifle case.

This is literally everything you need to ship a box of parts to your front door and turn it into a functioning rifle. Plus, it’s 100% legal to do! No paperwork needed. Seriously. We can only afford to sell 25 of these bad boys without going bankrupt. Grab yours now, because they won’t be back at this price ever again!

LIMITED RELEASE: 25 Premium Ultimate Build Kits!

Premium Ultimate AR 15 Rifle Kit

This is, by far, the best Black Friday deal we at 80-Lower have ever done. Inside this Premium Ultimate AR15 Rifle Kit sits one of the most well-built, accurate, aesthetic, and reliable AR15s you’ll ever touch – and the best is that it ships straight to your front door, 100% legally. No FFL transfers. No paperwork. No fees. No red tape. And it includes everything you need to build your rifle from scratch.

What does that all mean? Let’s break down what you’re getting with this kit, shall we?

Rifle: 16″ 4150 Chromoly barrel, 13.5″ M-Lok handguard, 80% forged or billet lower, complete bolt carrier group, charging handle, premium lower parts kit (CA-compliant, if needed).

Accessories: Magpul MBUS front and rear sights, Magpul enhanced buttstock, Magpul angled foregrip, Magpul premium pistol grip, Magpul enhanced trigger guard, tactical rifle sling.

Build Tools: Easy Jig 80% lower jig, Easy Jig tooling, castle nut wrench / armorer’s tool, pin punch set, router.

Final Touch: Military-grade tactical rifle case w/ customizable foam inserts.

This kit cuts absolutely no corners. It’s a tier one rifle with the accessories professional shooters turn to in competition. The best part are the tools included to put it all together! We can only offer 25 of these kits at this price, so snag one now. It’ll be your only chance!

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