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2017 – 5 Must-Have AR Accessories to Pair with Your 80 Lower Receiver

The AR 15 is the rifle to choose if you are interested in customizing it and making it your own. If you are building your own, rifle why not make something a little more unique and a little more you? Most AR accessories will serve at least one purpose. You aren’t going to be hanging fuzzy dice from the rail system. So what accessories will you pair with your 80 lower receiver to make your AR truly yours?

Magpul Sights

Even if you plan on primarily running a scope, a set of “iron sights” is a must have. These sights from Magpul are made almost entirely from polymer. This makes them lightweight, affordable as well as durable and strong. There is an added bonus that they can fold and tuck away when not in use. Magpul is famed for their high-quality parts, and this isn’t the last time you’ll see the name Magpul come up in this article.

Adjustable Buttstock

AR15 Parts - Magpul Buttstock

See, we told you so. The Magpul carbine stock is lightweight, easy to install and built for mil spec buffer tubes and mil spec lowers (like our 80 lower receivers). The Magpul stock is a collapsing stock that uses an A frame design. An A frame is a strong design that can be used to reduce the bulk of a stock without sacrificing performance.

The adjustment lever is in the middle of the A frame and is protected from accidental bumps and bangs. This stock is outfitted with two separate points to run a two point sling through. The toe of the stock has a small hole designed for one point slings. An added bonus of this buttstock is the design featuring a sloping cheek rest that aid in comfortable shooting.

Angled Fore Grip (AFG)

AFG stands for angled fore grip. This specific design from Magpul and is made to take the best of both a vertical grip and a traditional rifle grip. The Magpul AFG is perfect for any M-Lok rail system. This AFG increases the ability to control the muzzle rise of your 80 lower build. Angled fore grips also reduce the time between shots and improves accuracy.


A good sling is an awesome thing to have. Our single point sling gives you support, helps you retain your weapon, and gives you maximum maneuverability. A sling makes carrying a rifle much easier, and if you plan to run and gun it’s an absolute necessity.

Raw Lower

Okay, so this isn’t an accessory. However, accessories are often used to customize and personalize a rifle. If you are planning a build with the intent to customize its finish, a raw lower should be considered. A raw 80 lower receiver comes to you without a finish, and gives you the opportunity to apply whatever furniture you want. Anodize it, Cerakote it, Duracoat it, or Rustoleum it. The options are pretty endless. Just like the AR 15 in general.

Find accessories to pair with your 80 lower receiver here:



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