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2016 Laws that Affect Your AR15 Build Kits

2016 was one of the quieter years when it comes to gun laws. We saw hardly any federal movement on anti-gun laws and a few changes via executive order. Nothing major has passed restricting the building of AR15 builds or AR15 build kits at a federal level. What has changed has mostly been on the state level. A few states have adopted universal background checks, but that doesn’t affect 80% lower receivers or AR15 build kits. 

ar15 gun laws

California Gun Laws

The biggest change that affects AR15 build kits, and AR15s in general, are the new state laws of California. Dubbed the “Gunpocalypse,” California has radically changed their gun laws once more in 2016. These laws will directly affect AR15 owners and alter the weapons they purchase and weapons they buy.

The California legislature has moved past their initial bans and decided guns with bullet buttons are now considered assault weapons. Previously, bullet button-equipped rifles were not considered assault weapons because it required a tool to remove the magazine. Owners of bullet button rifles were forced to either convert their rifles to meet state laws or register them as assault rifles.

How to Beat It?

To get around these laws, you can go either one of two ways. You can spend a lot of extra money and convert your rifle to a featureless rifle. A featureless rifle lacks a collapsible stock, a pistol grip, a flash hider, and even a thumbhole stock.

A simpler method to work around California state laws is to use the AR mag lock. Adding one of these to your build is an affordable method to keep your rifle from being registered and makes it a non-assault rifle. It is completely compliant with the new laws and is less than 60 dollars. The conversion is simple, easy to do, and can be done at home.

You can still buy an AR15 build kit, an 80 lower receiver, and build the gun you want. Just install the AR mag lock and you are good to go.

Massachusetts Gun Laws

In Massachusetts, the Attorney General acted without the legislature to effectively ban the sale of AR15 rifles completely. This includes weapons that are technically featureless. As of now, firearm retailers are not allowed to sell AR15 style rifles in any way. This may also include building any form of AR15. The law is very vague and pro-gun advocates are still struggling to fully understand the law. It would appear using an AR15 build kit to build a rifle would be considered illegal.

Outside of California and Massachusetts, there aren’t really any major laws that would negatively affect your AR15 build kits. Despite changing gun laws throughout different states, we are committed to serving gun owners everywhere. Build on!



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