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10 Ways to Customize Your AR-15

The modular design of the AR-15 is just one reason why this rifle has become one of the most popular modern sporting rifles in history. The AR’s design provides for customization that can meet the demand of any application — from target shooting to personal defense.

Customization is just one of the many advantages of the AR-15 platform. Rather than purchase an off-the-shelf AR-15, consider customizing your next build and create a rifle that is exactly how you want it.

10 Ways to Customize Your AR-15

When selecting quality parts and wanting superior performance for your custom AR-15 build — consider these AR-Parts components.

1. AR 15 Stripped Lower

The AR-15 stripped lower receiver is named as such because it does not including a lower parts kit or stock assembly. This feature allows complete customization of your fire control group along with being able to choose the exact stock needed for your rifle’s specific purpose.

2. Enhanced Combat Adjustable Stock

Adding an adjustable stock to your AR build will insure a proper fit, adequate cheek weld, and all the features that come with adjustability. Damage Industries Enhanced Combat Stock provides drop-in installation, storage, swivel sockets, rounded heal and a no-slip butt pad.

3. Stripped Upper Receiver

Building on an AR-15 stripped upper receiver provides for complete customization of your rifle’s upper. Whether you desire a carbine or varminter, you can choose your bolt, barrel, and handguard to shape your AR’s style and function.

4.  Bolt Carrier Group

The bolt carrier group is one of the most important components of the AR platform. Customizing your bolt carrier group will insure your AR-15 performs beyond expectation and provides the confidence of long-term dependability.

5. AR 15 Barrels

Being able to choose a non-factory barrel for your build is a critical element in your AR’s overall performance. Custom barrels offer additional caliber options along with providing various contours and rates of twist. This may seem like a small detail, but a custom barrel can increase the accuracy of your rifle to a greater degree.

6. Handguards

While most factory AR’s will come with a standard M4 style handguard, a custom handguard is the way to go. Custom handguards can assist your rifle in operating much cooler along with offering a better forward grip for accuracy and recoil control.

7. AR 15 Dust Covers

A dust cover may seem like a small detail, but in some instances it’s a very important aspect to consider. If your rifle will be used in an environment where debris could inhibit function, a dust cover will help to insure your rifle will operate properly.

8. AR-15 Magazine

All AR-15 magazines are not created equal. Purchasing a quality AR-15 magazine, such as the Magpul PMAG – Gen 3, can save you lots of long-term headaches. Most cycling issues are magazine related. Purchasing quality magazines will help prevent the AR from not functioning properly.

9. Complete Upper

If you’re not comfortable with the thought of assembling your AR’s upper, there is the option of buying a complete upper assembly.AR-Parts complete upper receivers are available in various configurations and designed for a myriad of operations.

10. 80% Lower Receiver

Using an 80% lower allows any AR builder to add another level of customization to his or her AR. The 80% lower receiver offers the builder the satisfaction of knowing you finished your own AR lower receiver — and nobody but you needs to know.

The list can go on and on.  Once your AR-15 is completed, you will have fun accessorizing with with a night vision scope and more. It has been said that, “Every journey begins with a single step.” Well, in our world, every AR-15 build begins with a quality lower receiver. Get started today.



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