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10 Quick AR-15 Upgrades

AR-15 upgrades are just one of the attractive features that come with owning an AR. The AR’s modularity allows most any part to be upgraded and modified to your liking.

Any type of AR platform, i.e., target, varminter or competition, allows one-of-a-kind personalization and enhancement of the rifles overall performance.

While some AR-15 upgrades may seem insignificant, each will contribute to the feel, function and aesthetics of your AR.

10 Quick AR-15 Upgrades

If you currently own an AR and would like to upgrade select components, here is a list of AR-15 upgrades that can be done easily and affordably.

  1. Grip – While the pistol grip may not seem like a vital component of your AR, it can be. Depending on your shooting style, it can make a big difference in the feel of your AR. Upgrading your pistol grip to what fits you best can make all the difference in how comfortable your rifle is to shoot.
  2. Buttstock – There is no substitute for a comfortable buttstock. One of the most popular AR-15 upgrades is an AR stock that fits properly. Having the correct cheek weld and length of pull will increase your shooting ability along with making your rifle feel like it was built just for you.
  3. Magazine – Although a MilSpec magazine will work in your AR, there is no substitute for the quality a PMAG will offer. Made by Magpul, the PMAG 30 MP has become the standard for high-quality magazines. Durable, functional and providing optimum performance, this is one AR-15 upgrade you don’t want to go without.
  4. Handguard – Your factory handguard may work for a while, but why wait? Upgrading your AR-15 with a custom free float handguard will give it a new look and provide cooler operation for your rifle.
  5. Bolt Carrier Group – The bolt carrier group is the heart of your rifle’s direct impingement system. On the list of AR-15 upgrades you should consider a nickel-boron coated bolt carrier. NiB bolt carriers can increase reliability and functionality of your firearm.
  6. Barrel – While you may be happy with the current caliber of your AR, you do have the option of changing both the barrel and caliber. If you desire a different barrel profile, length, rate of twist, or caliber, add a barrel to your list of AR-15 upgrades.
  7. Dust Cover – Customization of your dust cover is a small detail, but it sure can make your friends jealous. Custom dust covers come in an array of designs that are sure to add a more personal touch to your AR-15 upgrades.
  8. Optics – Optics designed for the AR-15, such as an AR 15 Night Vision Scope, are available in an array of configurations and are usually tailored to the intended use of the firearm. Whether you want optics for tactical shooting, target shooting or competition, do your research and buy quality optics designed expressly for the dedicated purpose.
  9. Upper Assembly – Want to really trick out your AR15? There is the option of an upgrading your entire upper assembly. A complete upper assembly provides superior performance through an optics-ready-platform. By simply removing your old upper assembly you can virtually have a new rifle in one easy step.
  10. Upper Receiver – If your AR-15 came with a fixed carry handle and you’d prefer a picatinny rail to mount optics, there is the option of upgrading your upper receiver. While slightly more time consuming, it is a great upgrade for those who are looking to slowly build out their current AR to a more customized rifle.

While not every item on the list of AR-15 upgrades will alter the fit and function of your AR, ultimately upgrades are about personalization. AR-15 upgrades can help you craft your AR-15 so it performs like you want and reflects who you are.

This is your AR — so build it like you want it.



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