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  • ALG Defense ACT Advanced Combat Trigger

    ALG Defense ACT Advanced Combat Trigger

    Got an admiration for AR builds resembling those from a previous era? We do too. But if you're like us, you're just not a fan of the mil-spec trigger. It's gritty and has a rough pull, and it generally feels like crap. But there's a way to keep that...

  • ALG Defense QMS Quality Mil-Spec Trigger

    ALG Defense QMS Quality Mil-Spec Trigger

    Some of us like our AR platform rifles traditional or built as close to mil-spec as possible. We build replicas of that Colt model 629 or of the old-school M-16, because we want that nostalgia when we shoot. There's just one problem: the mil-spec...

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Quality AR triggers that make upgrading your rifle or pistol simple.

One of the first, and best, upgrades you can throw on your new or existing AR-15 is an upgraded trigger. Factory and mil-spec triggers provide adequate performance, but if you want to truly improve your shot groups and chase the MOA accuracy your upper's capable of providing, then you'll want a better AR trigger.

"Why buy a drop-in trigger?"

Drop-in triggers aren't just cool because they're easy to install. More importantly, they provide reduction or total elimination of the three major functions that inhibit a trigger's performance. These factors directly affect your ability to shoot accurately, and they include:

  • Pre-travel: Take-up, the "wall", and the "creep" that a trigger must overcome before dropping the hammer.
  • Over-travel: The movement of the trigger past the point of the hammer breaking, increasing the reset time.
  • Reset: The length and time required for the trigger to re-cock the hammer, allowing you to take the next shot.

With an upgraded AR trigger, you'll be able to eliminate take-up, or general "slop" in the trigger mechanism. This allows you to consistently overcome the "wall", the point at which the trigger spring engages and provides resistance. With an upgraded trigger, "creep", or trigger travel up to the point of the hammer breaking, becomes smooth and consistent. This is where better accuracy is found.

Grab an AR-15 Roll Pin Punch Set to make your drop-in install easy

Triggers from Rise Armament, ALG Defense, and More

We've partnered with leading trigger makers like RA and ALG to bring you precision-machined single-stage triggers that use mil-spec fittings for an easy swap. Each trigger group is fabricated from high-grade steels like 8620 or 4140 chromoly. Trigger and hammer faces are coated with "slick" coatings like Teflon, or laser-cut and polished to a smooth finish for a consistent pull and a trigger with a clean break, like sharp glass. Want a lighter or heavier pull weight? Don't like the AR's factory, in-the-middle 4.5-lb pull weight? A drop-in trigger is the exact part you need. We have triggers available with light 3-lb. weights for easier shooting, or heavy 6-lb. pull weights for added security.

Mil-Spec AR Trigger Kits

Want to stick with the tried-n-true stuff? We've got full, mil-spec trigger kits for your AR build. They include a single-stage trigger, hammer, and conventional disconnector and safety lever that'll all fit any fabricated 80% lower or "retail" stripped lower receiver you decide to piece together.

Use our picture guide to install your new AR trigger


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