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AR-10 Jig

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AR-10 Jig

AR-10 Jig

An AR-10 Jig is a required piece of equipment to finish your AR-10 80% lower. To complete your AR-10 lower, you will not need any heavy-duty, expensive equipment since our jigs are designed to complete your lower using very basic tools you probably already have in your garage like: a hand drill, drill press (optional), a laminate router, drill bits and end mill bits. If that sounds too good to be true - it’s not! Those are the only tools you need to complete an AR-10 80% lower!

To assist you with your build, we supply manual instructions with every AR-10 Jig and have video instructions available on our website and YouTube channel. Completing your own lower receiver can look really tedious, but once you try it for the first time, you will quickly realize how simple our jigs make it for you! In one day, you can finish your lower, install your lower parts kit and have a fully-functional AR-10 before the sun goes down.

Our AR-10 Jigs are designed with first-time builders in mind, so we have built-in safeguards to prevent common errors, built-in drill bit depth guides, a manual and tutorial videos to make the process even easier! These jigs are also built to last! One jig can easily complete 20+ 80% lowers without having to replace any plates from wear-and-tear. And guess what? If you find yourself needing to replace any part of the jig, you can replace each part individually. There is no need to buy a whole new AR-10 Jig ever again!


No FFL Required 
- Re-Useable (20+ 80% Lowers) 
- Made of Aerospace-Grade Aluminum 
- Never Buy Another Jig Again - Replaceable Plates 
- Built-in Fail Point Safeguards 
- Made in the USA 

Your build awaits you.

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