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80% Lower and Jig Sets

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80% Lower and Jig Sets

80% Lower and Jig Sets

The 80% Lower and Jig Sets are a great foundational piece to start any custom AR-15 build kit. Our 80% Lower and Jig Sets come with the basic, necessary parts for completing 80% lower receivers such as: an 80% lower jig, black or raw 80% lowers and drill bits. These bundle sets are the easiest route for you to get all of the pieces you will need to complete an 80% lower. Also, we discreetly ship these straight to your door in unmarked, plain-white boxes and YOU do not need an FFL!

The lower receivers in our 80% Lower and Jig Sets have a few different variations/types and are the only product that varies between the sets. For instance, one set may contain billet 80% lower receivers and another may contain forged 80% lower receivers. Furthermore, we offer our 80% lowers in only 2 different colors; raw or black. For our black 80% lower receivers, we offer those with FIRE/SAFE markings for clear indications of whether or not the rifle is in the ‘FIRE’ or ‘SAFE’ position. Regardless of manufacturing process, color, FIRE/SAFE-marked or not, you find confidence in the fact that ALL of our 80% lower receivers are made in the USA, 100% MilSpec, lifetime satisfaction guaranteed and do not require an FFL!

Our AR-15 80% Lower Jigs are, essentially, dummy-proof and come with an instruction manual and we have video tutorials available on our website and YouTube channel. While the process of milling out your own lower receiver can seem daunting, it can actually be completed using just a few tools (a hand drill, drill press (optional), drill and end mills bits, and a laminate router) in a single afternoon. For first time builders, it usually takes 3-4 hours to finish their first 80% lower. After you have your first milled out lower under your belt, you can be knocking them out in less than 2 hours! After your lower is finished, all you have left is installing your lower parts kit and attaching your upper receiver. It is really that easy.


No FFL Needed 
- 100% Milspec 
- Forged or Billet 80% Lowers 
- Available in Raw or Black 
- FIRE/SAFE Marked Option Available 
- Reusable 80% Lower Jig (20+ 80% Lowers) 
- Never Buy Another Jig Again - Replaceable Plates 
- Built-in Fail Point Safeguards 
- 80% Lower Jig Comes with Instructions 
- Made in the USA

Your build awaits you.

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