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Forged 80% Lower Jig Set

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Forged 80% Lower Jig Set

Forged 80% Lower Jig Set

Our Forged 80% Lower Jig Sets are the perfect kits for amateur or advanced builders, alike. These kits are perfect because they come with every piece of equipment you need including; 80% lowers, an 80% Lower Jig, and the required tooling (drill bits). It’s the fastest and easiest way for you to get everything you are going to need sent directly to your door in a single, discreet box!

A Forged 80% Lower has the same strength, quality and tolerances as a pre-built AR-15s from a name brand manufacturers (like Colt & Armalite) use because they are the exact same! “Forged” really just refers to the machining process the lower receiver underwent to become the 80% lower you see today. Forging is a manufacturing process that shapes aluminum using compressive forces like hammering or pressing. Also, these Forged 80% Lowers Jig Sets are available in raw aluminum, anodized black and FIRE/SAFE marked for clear recognition of whether or not the rifle is in the safety position.

Our 80% Lower Jigs were designed to cater to beginners and enthusiasts, alike. For the beginner AR-15 builder, our jigs come with a printed out instruction manual. We also have how-to video tutorials available on our YouTube channel and website. The jigs have built-in fail proof mechanisms for the most common missteps to prevent you from ruining your 80% lower.


  • No FFL Needed 
  • 100% Milspec 
  • Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum 
  • Available in Raw or Black 
  • FIRE/SAFE Marked Option Available 
  • AR-15 Jig Re-Useable (20+ 80% Lowers) 
  • Never Buy Another Jig Again - Replaceable Plates 
  • Built-in Fail Point Safeguards 
  • 80% Lower Jig Comes with Instructions 
  • Made in the USA

Your build awaits you.

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